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5 Artists to Watch Out for from The Voice of the Philippines


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After weeks and weeks of The Voice contestants polluting our Top 30 Philippines’ charts, the people finally named the first ever The Voice of the Philippines winner. Beating three other contenders, Mitoy Yonting took home the title and made his coach, Tony Award winner and Broadway actress, Lea Salonga, proud.

Running for three months, the top-rated TV show – a franchise from The Voice of Holland – introduced new voices and faces into the screen. Guided by the country’s beloved artists like The Black Eyed Peas‘, Lea Salonga, Pop Star Princess Sarah Geronimo and former Rivermaya and Bamboo frontman Bamboo Mañalac, the show had everyone in the country rooting for their favorite artist. And while Mitoy enjoys his win with his now charting original track “Bulag (Blind)“, we decided to name 5 of the voices to watch out for, despite them failing to nab the coveted title.

1. Klarisse de Guzman

21-year-old Klarisse finished as The Voice’s runner-up. She started singing at a very young age, even competing against her coach Sarah Geronimo when she was young. As her coach’s career take flight, she decided to put music on the backseat – until she decided to pursue it again by joining The Voice. Taken under her former competitor’s wing whose known for her powerful ballads, Klarisse is well on her way to following her coach’s footsteps with the track “Slowly”. 


2. Myk Perez

Much like his coach, Bamboo, singer-songwriter Myk managed to get all four of the coaches’ chairs to turn for him on the blind auditions. With his creative renditions of popular songs and mash-ups, he quickly escalated as one of the favorites, making it to the Final 4.


3. Radha


Radha is no stranger to the limelight. She was, after all, a known face from the nineties by fronting the band Kulay. Years after they disbanded, Radha steps back into the spotlight – this time, on her own – reminding people of what a talent she was then, and how she’s grown more powerful now.


4. Paolo Onesa

He may have not been the most memorable contestant on the Blind Auditions – but Paolo is what we would call as the show’s dark horse. He quietly made it through the auditions, then the battle rounds – and then wowed everyone when he showed up looking dapper in a suit while singing Adele‘s “Skyfall”. Usually we think that no one can do an Adele song – it’s basically a death wish if you failed to nail an Adele track, but in Paolo’s case, he slayed “Skyfall” and won fans, teenagers’ swoons and gushes in the social media.


5. Darryl Shy

A breath of fresh air is what Darryl‘s like during the show. In the midst of the powerhouse singers and the belters, he was a mellow man with a guitar and he played so beautifully. Beaten by none other than the winner, Mitoy, during the Live shows, he was one of the few who managed to match Mitoy’s ridiculous amount of votes. He lost when Coach Lea chose Mitoy over him (and in hindsight, rightfully so), but his song remains in the iTunes’ charts for weeks. Clearly, he is still a favorite, with or without the show.


They say that failures are just building blocks to one’s success – and with these five talents, we hope that they keep their heads up as they tread on to the real battle – the one outside the TV show. Meanwhile, we’ll be standing by to see who makes most of their spotlight.


Klarisse de Guzman
Myk Perez
Paolo Onesa
Darryl Shy