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5 Things You Need to Know About Ylvis


Well, it looks like YouTube birthed another celebrity. This time, it’s Ylvis, the duo responsible for that viral video/track “The Fox“. Dubbed as this year’s Psy as they made an impressive amount of 17 million views in just one week, they made us wonder: do foxes really make a sound? If so, did it sound anything like ‘ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding’?

Here are five facts we gathered from stalking the boys in their fox costumes.

1. They’re brothers.

1266009_10151946157591509_281330256_oVegard (L) and Bård (R) Ylvisåker are both from Bergen, Norway. Vegard is three years older than Bard, and they shortly lived in Africa with their family when they were younger. They moved back to Bergen, and soon enough the brothers formed “Ylvis”. They have been a duo for 13 years.


2. They are not professional singers.

1264068_10151961251876509_1631317951_oYou might have wondered if these guys were serious when they did “The Fox” and possibly when you found out from the video feed that they have other music videos and songs. The good (or bad?) news is, they’re actually comedians (and Vegard is actually a commercial pilot), and like America’s The Lonely Island – the videos are all part of their ‘skits’. Despite their lack of vocal training, the boys did claim that they joined a choir when they were kids. 


3. They have a talk show.

In 2011, Ylvis launched “I kveld med Ylvis (Tonight with Ylvis)” – a “regular talk show, but in addition to having guests and comedy bits, we make three or four videos each season.” (Billboard) Co-hosted by comedian Calle Hellevang-Larsen, the show is now on its third season. 


4. They didn’t mean it.


“The Fox” wasn’t meant to be a dance floor hit, and neither were the boys expecting it to go viral. In fact, “The Fox” is just supposed to be a promo for I kveld med Ylvis’ newest season. They’ve asked a Norwegian production company called Stargate, who also produced Rihanna‘s “Diamonds”, to help out with it as a payback to a favor they once did for the company. 


5. They wonder about a lot of things.

To question something as random and strange as what sound a fox makes, a person must have had a lot of free time in his/her hands. That, or s/he is just naturally inquisitive. That’s not the only thing Ylvis wondered about though, in their video “Stonehenge”, the duo practically questioned the existence of the prehistoric monument. Sure, it’s always been a mystery how the Stonehenge was formed – which the guys at the Discovery Channel have been trying to find out – but Ylvis went as far as asking, “What’s the deal with Stonehenge? Who the f*ck builds a Stonehenge?”


While it is still unclear for the boys of Ylvis on whether or not they would pursue their new “career” – especially with people now asking for an album – it sure seems like they are enjoying the ride for however long their YouTube fame would take them.



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