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Ed Sheeran Wants YOU To Be In His Next Film Clip


Ever wanted to dance, sing, draw or mime your way into fame? Well Ed Sheeran may be just the man you want to talk to.

Ed Sheeran dances like he was born to in his ‘Thinking Out Loud’ film clip but this ginger crooner wan’t necessarily blessed with all those moves without a bit of hard work. Like anything worthwhile in life, they took a fair amount of practice – just how much, he shared in a  behind the scenes look at the making of the clip. The result is a beautifully shot video of Sheeran sweeping majestically around a ballroom with the supremely talented Brittany Cherry making the whole thing even sexier. It’s as though the entire clip was specifically designed to make your clumsy attempts at any structured dance feel even more ridiculous.


Well now Sheeran has decided that a) he wants to make another film clip; and b) he can’t be bothered paying to have one produced. So that’s where you come in. Yes, Ed Sheeran is giving you the chance to accost people’s eyes with your talents across the globe in a second version of a ‘Thinking Out Loud’clip. Yep, he e’s proven he’s got the moves, so now he’s looking for your help. Sheeran has announced via his website that he’s looking for his fans to donate their time and creativity in exchange for their moment in the spotlight. Hey but maybe dancing isn’t your thing – that’s cool, not everyone can be a Justin Timberlake on the stage – if you’d prefer to sing, draw or even mime the lyrics, that’s okay too.


If your clip is short you can upload it to Vine or Instagram using #DancingOutLoud, #SingingOutLoud, #ThinkingOutLoud or #MimingOutLoud (depending on what your particular upload is). Make sure you enable your tag location and set your profile to public so your entry appears in the gallery. If your clip is longer you can upload it to Youtube and tweet the link using #DancingOutLoud or #SingingOutLoud, #ThinkingOutLoud or #MimingOutLoud. For full details click here


From there it’s just a case of crossing your fingers, toes, eyes and ears and desperately hoping that you’re talented enough to make the final cut and Ed gives you the big thumbs up. But don’t waste any time. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 GMT on Monday 4th January so get moving! This might be your one shot at fame.