Asian Pop Chart, Pop — August 25, 2015 at 12:41 pm

EXO’s Tao files suit against SM Entertainment, agency responds



The legal war between EXO member Tao and his agency SM Entertainment is heating up with the pop star reportedly suing SM Entertainment for contract termination according to Koreaboo but the powerful management company aren’t going without a fight.

EXO’s Tao is the latest member to take legal action against his own management company in an effort to dissolve his current contract after former EXO members Kris (Wu Yi Fan) and Luhan also have sought to annul their contracts. Previously the group had removed Tao from the official Facebook page whilst Tao himself sought to distance himself from the group before the release of his solo EP. by cutting ties with EXO.


The documents reveal that Tao will be represented in the lawsuit by the same legal team that represent two other former EXO members, Kris and Luhan. The popstars are reportedly seeking to cancel their contracts with SM Entertainment in order to freely pursue individual activities and careers in China.


SM Entertainment has now released a statement in response, they said, “With experts and partners in Korea and China, we will respond by simultaneously taking action in Korea and China. We plan to firmly deal with Tao’s illegal promotions through lawsuits and other means of legal action.” 


SM Entertainment has previously made attempts to thwart Tao’s Chinese promotions, including blocking his debut solo music video as a result of the label enforcing a copyright claim.


Looks like this is just the beginning of yet another lengthy legal battle.