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Tao prepares for solo debut, removes EXO from social media accounts


It’s official – Tao is making a his solo debut in China but it seems that it won’t be with EXO, if his social media accounts are anything to go by.tao-releases-new-photo-teasers-for-solo-debut


Ahead of his expected debut in China next week, references to Tao (also known as Huang Zi Tao or Z.TAO) being part of K-pop group EXO, are no longer appearing on his Weibo, leading netizens to further speculate that he won’t be re-joining the group.


“On July 23, Z.TAO will announce his first mini album as a solo artist, marking his official comeback” read the announcement on Z.TAO’s official Weibo web page along with an image showing the artist with purple hair and a black fur coat.


Tao debuted as one of the founding members of EXO in 2012 and then became a member of Chinese focussed subgroup EXO-M. Later on the Korean sub group EXO-K and EXO-M combined to be known simply as EXO.  In 2014, fellow members of EXO-M Luhan and Kris left the group and rumours began circulating that Tao’s future in the group was uncertain when his father issued a statement saying that Tao had left the group.


Up until this point SM Entertainment have made no formal statement made in regards to Tao’s Weibo announcement but they have previously denied the pop star’s formal departure fro EXO. Earlier in the week there were indications that all was not well in the group when Tao was removed from the active members list of the EXO-M Facebook page.