Music Charts — July 3, 2013 at 7:15 pm

Is John Mayer’s Song ‘Paper Doll’ About Taylor Swift?


Mayer Swift

Oh Taylor, did you bring this upon yourself? Taylor Swift is well known for her usual dating cycle – date current it-boy, happy honeymoon times, the messy break up and bam there’s the storyline for her next single. Of course it is then followed by an uproar of pro-Taylor and anti-Taylor backlash and a constant denial battle between the starlet and the media. But this time the tables may have turned. John Mayer, aka the ex-bf, has snapped back with his latest single, “Paper Doll” and there are rumours that this one is a direct comeback to Taylor’s song, “Dear John” which is allegedly about their now-ended relationship.

As always, the comments section of the video clip on Youtube is an entertaining read.

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“Paper Doll” appears on both the Top 30 Singapore and Philippines charts this week and is out now.


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