Music Charts, News — December 3, 2013 at 2:15 am

Justin Bieber Change Me Released And Shows Off Vocal Talents


Justin Bieber has released the last-but-one Music Monday track – a stripped back, emotional song called ‘Change Me’.

Nine weeks ago Justin Bieber promised his fans a new track every Monday in what he called his ‘Music journals’. And so #musicmonday was born. And, good to his word he has kept his army of Beliebers happy with new weekly tracks covering a wide range of styles. However, this track showcases his vocal talents in a beautiful arrangement with just a piano backing him.

The lyrics seem to suggest he accepts responsibility for his past actions, which we assume relate to actions of a romantic nature and not the recent ‘Justin Bieber Graffiti Incident’ on his latest tour of Australia.

 Justin Bieber Change Me (Audio)