Music Charts — July 22, 2013 at 4:00 pm

One Direction and The Wanted Feud to Hit New Levels



“In the summer of 2013 comes the story of 5 Hollywood movie moguls who meet 5 boy band heroes, known to you and I as One Direction, as what can only be described as the most anticipated, highly appreciated movie motion picture of the summer.” The voice-over of the band’s teaser videos – from their upcoming single, “Best Song Ever” – goes to show that they have once again defied the calm-before-the-storm logic. The hype surrounding the single has been immense. Releasing seven teaser videos in the week leading up to the release, the Brit-boy band has clocked up a collective 14 million views.

From the short snippets, we can expect prosthetics, cheesy thrusting dance moves, and all-around spontaneous mischief starring Niall Horan as Harvey, the Studio Exec; Liam Payne as Leroy, the Choreographer; Harry Styles as Marcel, the Marketing Guy; Louis Tomlinson as Jonny, the Studio Exec; and Zayn Malik as Veronica, the Sexy Assistant.

To add to the excitement, we anticipate the ongoing bickering between Directioners (One Direction fans) and the TWFamily (The Wanted fans) to continue if and when the new single will push The Wanted’s “Walks Like Rihanna” down the charts this week. The highly likely instance will add more fuel to their already feud-filled fire. Both bands have been known to playfully slag off the other in interviews for some healthy competitive banter, which of course is then taken to heightened levels by their online community of fans. Stay tuned for the entertaining comments section of their Youtube pages!


One Direction’s “Best Song Ever and The Wanted’s “Walks Like Rihanna” are out now.



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