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What’s the value of 34 million streamed plays? The answer may surprise you

It’s not a new narrative. Musicians and bands toil away in their artistic endeavors, pouring their heart and soul into producing the music we love and record companies take the lions share, leaving little left for those actually making the music. Few of us could really imagine just how little musicians actually receive though.

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Gentle Bones lands fourth #1 spot with “Sixty Five”

Singaporean musician, Joel Tan, also known as Gentle Bones, released his brand new single “Sixty Five” on 10th July, Friday and hit the #1 spot on iTunes Singapore within 24 hours of its release.

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BEAST unveil teaser for comeback album ‘Ordinary’

In what’s already been a huge month of new releases for K-pop, popular Cube Entertainment group BEAST have just announced they too have a new album set for release on July 27th.

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Tao prepares for solo debut, removes EXO from social media accounts

It’s official – Tao is making a his solo debut in China but it seems that it won’t be with EXO, if his social media accounts are anything to go by.

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Ariana Grande apologizes for licking donuts, says she’ll ‘learn from her mistakes’

American pop star Ariana Grande has posted a public apology video to YouTube expressing contrition for licking some donuts on a tray at a southern California shop.

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Fans Discover EXO-M’s Tao has been removed from Facebook Page

It’s looking less and less likely that Tao will be back to rejoin EXO as another hint has surfaced that he’s no longer in the chart topping K-pop group. 

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G Dragon explains the significance of BIGBANG’s ‘If You’

G-Dragon appeared on Naver Starcast recently and was asked to explain to the audience how BIGBANG’s latest track release “If You” was produced and what it meant to him.

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All-girl J-Pop metal band BABYMETAL release debut album in United States

BABYMETAL is the bizarre fusion of metal and pop delivered by teenagers that could only be thought up in Japan and, after conquering audiences worldwide, they’ve now got their eyes firmly set on the United States.

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Some people are taking Kanye West playing at Glastonbury WAY too seriously

Kanye West has always been a divisive figure in hip hop and the music world in general but it seems some music fans are taking the fact that Kanye West will be headlining the stage just a little bit too seriously, issuing death threats to festival organizer Emily Eavis.

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Ariana Grande & Miley Cyrus cover a classic song… in animal onesies

Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande have joined forces, dressed in onesies, on an inflatable couch, to perform a duet of Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over.” Because why not?

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Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Pharrell Williams and more pay tribute to their mums on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day has come and gone and there’s only one thing that means – social media feeds are filled to the point of explosion with people gushing about how much their mothers mean to them in a public forum where ironically, their mother will never actually see it.

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Either Nicki Minaj just trolled the entire internet or she’s just gotten engaged…

It seems like only weeks ago that hip hop star Nicki Minaj was romantically linked to Meek Mill. Hang on, it WAS only weeks ago that they went public with their relationship. My how the time flies. Well if a $500,000 ring is anything to go by, things seem to be going VERY   Speculation began on Tuesday evening when fans spotted a […]

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Ariana Grande gets steamy on stage with Justin Bieber… Again

Just days after joining her onstage in Miami, Justin Bieber made another surprise appearance during Ariana Grande’s The Honeymoon Tour at the Forum in Inglewood, California and things got pretty steamy on stage. So much so, that Ariana’s boyfriend Big Sean is reportedly not pleased.

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How Much Is A Smash Hit Song Really Worth To The Artists That Create It?

What’s the true financial value of a number one smash hit to the artists that create it? Well thanks to court proceedings lodged by the children of Marvin Gaye against Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams and T.I, we may have just found out the answer to that question.

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Katy Perry Announces 2015 Manilla Performance

  American pop sensation Katy Perry is returning to Manilla on May 7 as part of her latest worldwide tour. The stop in Asia is in support of her latest album Prism which debuted at number one on the Billboard Top 100 before she takes off to Europe and South America.

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Katy Perry Gets New Tattoo To Commemorate Her Superbowl Performance

Katy Perry’s half time show at the XLIX Superbowl had it all. From animatronic tigers, digital stage effects, dancing sharks and big name musical guests like Lenny Kravitz and Missy Elliot, Katy Perry’s performance almost outshone the action on the field.

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Taylor Swift earned more than $1 million per day in 2015

If you needed a reason to feel worse about your depleted bank account and maxed out credit cards then consider this for a second. Taylor Swift has earnt more than $1 million per day across 2015 and has earned a whopping $317 million so far this year.

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Mandopop King Jay Chou Marries Model/Actress Hannah Quinlivan In Fairytale Wedding

Taiwanese media outlets have revealed that Chinese pop superstar Jay Chou has married long time girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan in England on the eve of his 36th birthday.

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What Dating Advice Did J-Lo Give Meghan Trainor?

Meghan Trainor spills the beans on what dating advice she got from J.Lo and talks about her potential new boyfriend with a famous connection! The past 12 months have been a pretty wild ride for Meghan Trainor. She was catapulted into the spotlight on the back of her infectiously grooveable single “All About That Bass” and her follow up single “Lips are […]

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Is Chinese Pop Star Wanting Qu Dating The Mayor Of Vancouver?

Could it be true that Chinese pop star Wanting Qu is dating Vancouver Mayor Greg Robertson? Well according to a post in on Monday from respected city hall journalist and columnist Frances Bula, the two are indeed an item. Quick to note that ‘this is not gossip’, she reported on her blog that according to ‘extremely reliable sources’ the two […]

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