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Taylor Swift Still The Undisputed Queen Of Pop In Asia


It’s been 7 weeks since its release and Taylor Swift’s newest album  1989 continues its dominant run as Asia’s most downloaded album.

Her latest song Blank Space has retained the number one spot across South-east Asia, being the most downloaded song on iTunes through Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore,  Vietnam and Cambodia. In the Philippines and Thailand Blank Space is the second most downloaded song whilst in Hong Kong, it has slipped to the fourth most downloaded song on iTunes there.

Taylor Swift's globe conquering album 1989 continues to sell well

Taylor Swift’s globe conquering album 1989 continues to sell well

Yes, the global phenomenon that is Taylor Swift has found a niche in Asia and the appetite for her seems unable to be satisfied. Blank Space has accrued a staggering quarter of a billion views on YouTube (Yes, that’s billion with a b) since being released on November 10 while Shake It Off has been viewed almost 400 million times since August. The other singles from the album Welcome To New York, Style and Wildest Dreams have helped propel the album into greater popularity.


It is not just in South-east Asia that the globe conquering Swift is making waves – her album 1989 sold an impressive 43,428 copies in Australia in just four days, making it the fastest selling album of the year and 90,000 copies in the UK within a week for it to enter the UK charts at No. 1 position.


Taylor Swift was America’s best selling artist of 2008 at the tender age of 18 and with the wild success of 1989 it means that Swift is the first artist ever to have sold over a million copies of three albums within their first week of release. In fact, to put it in perspective, in the seven days since Swift’s album was released, she sold more copies of 1989 than the combined sales of every single artist from number 2
to number 107 on the American Billboard chart – that’s 22% of all albums sold in the US in that week. Considering that album sales in general have slipped over 20% since her last album Red was released, this is truly phenomenal effort.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performing live in Times Square on Good Morning America


Swift’s 2014 Red tour was her largest to date and saw her playing in Indonesia, the Phillipines, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  Her 1989 tour will be kicking off in Japan on May 05, 2015 and the extensive tour will see her playing a number of performances across Europe, the United States and in Australia but unfortunately there have been no further Asian dates scheduled. A two week gap in her tour schedule after her Japan tour may give fans hope of a late announcement of future performances in South East Asia. Based on her successes across iTunes’ charts and her phenomenal popularity in the region, she certainly won’t have trouble filling seats!