Music Charts — May 17, 2013 at 1:47 pm

Top 30 Asia: The Launch of Asia’s First Digital Music Charts


Music Weekly Asia, in conjunction with Music Services Asia, are pleased to announce the launch of Top 30 Asia; the first, only and most comprehensive online music charts for the Southeast Asian region.

The chart listing is a weekly view of the most downloaded and streamed tracks from key stores in each territory of Southeast Asia. Top 30 Singapore will be the first country to launch at the Music Matters conference on Tuesday 21st May published exclusively on Music Weekly Asia’s site. The rest of the region will progressively roll out over the coming months including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The charts will fulfil the need of documenting Southeast Asia’s purchasing patterns, sales milestones and consumer consumption of online music and video content. Digital download figures have been known to increase in the region with recent figures confirming the Philippines as the world’s 10th top consumer of music downloads. These figures are expected to rapidly increase as the Southeast Asia shows a stronger interest in new online services than any other global audience.

A video countdown show featuring the Top 30 is now in beta stage and will air in the months ahead, while preparations are being made for an official launch in the latter half of the year.

“Top 30 Asia will accredit local artists that make up a large percentage of sales in the region alongside their Western counterparts and acknowledge them for their success via the first digital charts in Southeast Asia. The team at Music Weekly are also proud to be part of this process in publishing the charts exclusively every week and look forward to the Top 30 Asia video countdown show.” – Music Services Asia CEO, Gary Mackenzie

“The steady arrival of popular digital music stores and services into Asia has made a chart like Top 30 Asia much needed. We are delighted that Singapore has been chosen as its first country to launch.” – Singapore’s SGMUSO Vice President and Treasurer, Syaheed

“Most countdowns today showcase either local or Western music videos and it’s great to finally have a countdown for Southeast Asian music which I think also deserves equal exposure. I believe Top 30 Asia will pave way for artists to share their music to people outside their own countries.” – Filipino top selling solo artist Julie Anne San Jose




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