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Skrillex confirms Asian tour dates in Malaysia, Vietnam, Philipines, Indonesia and more

EDM fans rejoice – American dubstep and EDM pioneer Skrillex has just confirmed via his official Instagram account that he will be playing an extensive series of shows across Asia.

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Robbie Williams cancels ‘Let Me Entertain You’ South East Asian tour dates

British superstar Robbie Williams has cancelled all shows in the South East Asian leg of his ‘Let Me Entertain You’ tour in late September and early October.

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Zhang Jie Awarded International Artist Of The Year at 2014 American Music Awards

Famed Chinese celebrity and pop star Zhang Jie, also known as Jason Zhang, has been presented with the first ever International Artist Award at the 2014 American Music Awards at the Nokia Theatre in LA. The 42nd annual awards ceremony is the world’s largest fan voted award show, celebrating the best in pop, rock, rap/hip hop, soul, and country music.   “Hey […]

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Kashy Keegan This Is My Dream: We Reveal The Incredible Story Behind The No.1 Song

Kashy Keegan is a British singer who’s incredible story is an inspiration to millions of singers worldwide.

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G.E.M. Singer Performances Cause Sensation In China, Stays At Number 1 In Charts

G.E.M. has retained her Number 1 position on the Top 30 Asia Hong Kong charts while her recent appearances on ‘I Am A Singer 2’ is causing a sensation in China.

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The Remarkable Story Of Shiga Lin Scandal To Hong Kong Number 1

In 2012 Shiga Lin was rocked by a scandal when photos of her with ex-boyfriend K-Chen were leaked online. Although other celebrities have been put in a similar situation, the fact that Shiga was only 16 when the photos were taken caused sensational headlines.

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Shiga Lin Gotta Be With You Music Video Released

Shiga Lin is the current Music Weekly Hong Kong No.1 with her new song, Gotta Be With You. The official music video has just been released on YouTube and shows a distressing portrayal of a painful break-up.

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Wanting Qu Walks The Red Carpet At Hunger Games 2 Premiere

Bejing: Wanting Qu, currently with two hits in the Top 30 Asia Hong Kong charts, has appeared at the film premiere of Hunger Games 2.  This is because her song, When It’s Lonely (我为你歌唱) has been used to promote the film in China.

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LIVE REVIEW: Yangtze MIDI 2013

With freedom in the air, Yangtze MIDI festival made this year’s Chinese National Holiday truly exceptional.

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Music Will Never Be My Priority – Interview with Xiao Pi 小皮

Xiao Pi is a Chinese urban folk singer-songwriter from Shanghai. Music will never be his priority, but is still his life adventure. Read the exclusive interview.

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An Interview with Mando-Pop-Rock Star Yida Huang

Born and raised in Singapore, Yida Huang is a massive Mando-pop-rock star. Music Weekly Asia had a chat with him ahead of his performance at Zebra Music Festival in Shanghai.

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LIVE REVIEW: Zebra Music Festival, Shanghai

The annual Zebra Music Festival happened on July 19, 20 & 21 in Shanghai. Over 100,000 festival-goers indulged in pure entertainment and sunshine. Live review.

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Interview with Zebrahead Part 3 of 3

Continued from part 1 and part 2 of our interview with Ali Tabatatbaee, vocalist/rapper from Californian punk-inspired rock band Zebrahead.   Music Weekly: To finish let’s see what some of your tour favourites are. Who is your favourite crew or band member to travel with, and the person that least gets on your nerves.Ali Tabatatbaee: Man they all get on my […]

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Embark on a 3-Part Adventure with Zebrahead

Zebrahead’s vocalist and rapper, Ali Tabatabaee talks video restrictions, strip clubs and getting revenge on fellow band members.

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Interview with Zebrahead Part 2 of 3

In part 2 of our interview with Zebrahead, vocalist/rapper, Ali explains exactly what they do to people who talks smack about the band.

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Interview with Zebrahead Part 1 of 3

In part 1 vocalist/rapper, Ali Tabatabaee reveals how Youtube put a restriction on their latest video clip despite already heavily toning it down.

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Sophie Koh Finds Her Calling In Hong Kong and China

Sophie Koh is a citizen of the world. The pop singer/songwriter was born in New Zealand, grew up in Singapore and currently resides in Australia with a Chinese-Malaysian background. She is about to embark on her first international tour with her band to Hong Kong and China. But after playing music for over a decade, at what point does one […]

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Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay Challenges Himself in China and Korea

After 20 years with Jamiroquai find out what still challenges Jay Kay and what it has to do with Asia.

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Let’s Pogo: Review of MIDI Festival 2013

We’re taking you to MIDI Beijing and Shanghai for a live review of the festivals.

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Beijing Indie Big Bang

When one thinks of the indie rock capitals of the world, Beijing does not immediately come to mind. But the capital of the world’s most prosperous communist country is currently experiencing a big bang of diverse, new and exciting indie bands that may very well be “the next big thing” on the international scene.

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