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Video: Geisha Performing Lumpuhkan Ingatanku At Noah Premiere

Indonesia: A remarkable video has surfaced showing Geisha performing Lumpuhkan Ingatanku, their Indonesia Top 30 Asia Number One hit, at the recent premiere of Noah’s movie, Awal Semula

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Raisa Wins Yahoo OMG Award “Most Wanted Female”

Indonesia: Raisa was announced the winner of the prestigious “Most Wanted Female” at the Yahoo OMG Awards, held in The Kasablanka Mall, Jakarta November 17th.

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Rossa Duets With Malaysian Star Hafiz

Jakarta: Indonesian diva star, Rossa has announced she has recorded a duet with Malaysian star, Hafiz.

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Awal Semula Film Premiere Attended By Noah: Photo & Story

Indonesia: Ariel, Uki, Lukman, Reza, and David, collectively better known “Noah”, attended the hotly anticipated release of their film ‘Awal Semula’ in Jakarta.

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Noah Awal Semula Film Trailer Reveals Fall Of Indonesia’s Biggest Band

Indonesia: Noah, one of the most popular Southeast Asian bands in recent years, are revealing more about their eagerly awaited bio-pic film.

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Raisa Posts YouTube Video And Reveals Album Title

Indonesia: Raisa, currently No. 4 in our Top 30 Indonesia download chart with her single ‘Mantan Terindah’, has posted a new video on her Youtube channel.

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Is this photo Roby Satria? Geisha admit they are shocked about arrest.

A recent photo in the Tribune News is reportedly of Roby Satria, Geisha’s guitarist and founder member, following his recent arrest for alleged drugs possession.

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The Experience Brothers’ crazy rock’n’roll

Heading from Jakarta to Urbanscapes Festival in November, crazy two-piece rock’n’roll band The Experience Brothers had a chat with us.

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The Playlist Series – The SIGIT

The SIGIT prepared a tasteful playlist that will tickle your rock soul: “Don’t Let The Eye Fools the Mind”.

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Sundown Festival 2013 Quip: Nidji and Rocksteddy

Sundown Festival is coming back to Singapore on November 16, 2013 for its fifth edition. Super popular Indonesian pop act Nidji and Filipino alternative rock group Rocksteddy are in the starting blocks!

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VIDEO: NOAH Tak Lagi Sama

NOAH enters a magical world of dioramas in their video for “Tak Lagi Sama”. Watch it here.

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The Playlist Series – The Trees & The Wild

Indonesian indie gems The Trees & The Wild have put together a “Bad dream wake up” playlist for this week’s Playlist Series.

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The Playlist Series – L’Alphalpha

Indonesian post-rock-shoegaze band L’Alphalpha curated their “Playlist For Night Driving” that will please all indie music fans.

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An Intimate Interview with Afgan

Afgan joins us for an intimate interview and opens up about earning his successes and whether his career was really handed to him on a silver plate.

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Indonesian Pop Band Nidji Love Soda!

Nidji have released a special videoclip for the Muslim fasting period, entitled “Cahaya Ramadan”, in collaboration with Coca-Cola. Check it out!

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Cakra Khan and the Two-Hit Wonder

Is Cakra coping with the pressure after 3 AMI wins off the back of only 2 singles?

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Noah and Waljinah Dominate AMI Awards

Last night’s AMI Awards lived up to every ounce of hype that the Grammys-like awards evening had received and it was nothing short of eventful.

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This Sanctuary’s Java Rockinland Tour Diary

Find out how they lost their lead singer, Renee and whether they survived their set after seeing the “overwhelming” stage they were to perform on.

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Noah Reveal a Glimpse of Their New Movie

The film documents Ariel’s accusation of appearing in a sex tape, protesting his innocence and being sentenced to jail.

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The AMI Awards Nominations

You’ll never guess who made it onto this years AMI Awards nominations list.

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