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Songkick Detour brings live acts to Singapore and Jakarta, with you

Shaking up the traditional approach of event organization, Songkick, the go-to concert listings site, proposes the Songkick Detour project to music lovers in Singapore and Jakarta. Read our chat with Daniel Rogers, Head of Marketing.

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Call of the Tiger: A South-East Asian Indie Showcase at Reeperbahn Festival!

Music Services Asia is thrilled to present Call of the Tiger: A South-East Asian Indie Showcase at Reeperbahn Festival in Hamburg, Germany.

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GARBAGE give-away contest

  Love Da Records and Music Services Asia invite you to try your luck to win Garbage vinyls (special edition) and CDs between August 21st and September 7th via MSA Facebook page!   Enter the contest by writing a short haiku/poem/play-on-words with Not Your Kind of People’s titles:   1. Automatic Systematic Habit2. Big Bright World3. Blood For Poppies4. Control5. Not Your Kind Of People6. Felt7. I Hate Love8. Sugar9. Battle […]

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Crowdfunding: a new community formula

In reaction to our capitalist and money-driven world, more and more local initiatives aiming at gathering communities to work towards the same goal, see the light.

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Dimas Wisnuwardono: Music & Film

An interview with Dimas Wisnuwardono regarding his upcoming documentary on the journey to Reeperbahn Festival.

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Revisiting The Trees & The Wild

The Trees & The Wild are renowned throughout South-East Asia for their innovative musical blend of post-rock, experimental and folk stylings, underpinned with a distinctly Indonesian identity. To the delight of their fans, the band will be bringing their intense, trance-inducing live performances across oceans to the international stage in September.

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Koolastuffa presents L’Alphalpha merchandising

Fashion and music go together like cookies and milk, peanut butter and jelly, spaghetti and meatballs – one seems so much better with the other. So Koolastuffa, a young brand spearheaded by talented Indonesians Dedy and Widya Kurniawan,decided to team up with indie pop/rock band L’Alphalpha to create a magical bunch of pieces, inspired by the group’s songs. Clothes were […]

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