Crush of the Day — October 10, 2013 at 4:20 pm

Crush of the Day: Naomi Pilgrim


Naomi Pilgrim

I am music. I am a whistleblower for peace. I am Naomi Pilgrim.” That’s how Naomi Pilgrim introduces herself while releasing her first track entitled “No Gun” from her upcoming album scheduled for later this year.

Half Barbadian (yes, the Caribbean micro-state where Rihanna comes from) and half Swedish, Naomi grew up in cold Sweden, where she collaborated with Lykke Li among others.

Blending these two strong essences – soul music and minimal pop – “No Gun” sounds like a good forewarning of what’s next to come. The track begins with a noise-electro intro until Naomi’s nude voice arises and tempers the first impression. From there, the track evolves into a catchy melody and spirited vocal harmonies, accompanied by a simple rhythmic baseline.

Naomi Pilgrim could be a soul/RnB version of Glasser; both their musical experimentations result in a stunning listening, where you keep on discovering new details while hitting the repeat button.