Crush of the Day — March 4, 2013 at 4:56 pm

Crush of the Day – Inc.



If you’re in need of pensive, gauzy mood music, look no further. Composed of pale-skinned, vaguely goth-looking brothers Andrew and Daniel Aged, Inc. plays a minimalist take on RnB that’s smooth and unobtrusive, emanating an understated sensuality that runs the risk of almost veering too far off into the background yet miraculously manages to find a way to root itself deep into your subconscious. Despite critics already comparing them to 90’s legend Prince, Inc.’s appeal lies in the fact that their seemingly reserved, withdrawn personalities perfectly parallels their sound, which shines with a quiet confidence. Give in to the languid seduction of ‘Black Wings’ below and check out their recently released album, ‘No World’.

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