Crush of the Day — March 28, 2013 at 9:00 am

Crush of the Day: Neon Trees – ‘Everybody Talks’


Neon Trees - Everybody Talks


In preparation for Manila’s first outdoor music festival, Karpo’s Wanderland, (oh em gee so freakin’ excited I’m totes fan girling right now), I have been immersing myself in and rediscovering the joys of solid, indie-pop music.

Neon Trees’ “Everybody Talks” was an immediate love-at-first-listen for me. It’s cut to the chase, hands in the air, happy fun time vibe is an undeniable mood lifter. Listening to this track breathes life into my day. It sings Summer livelihood, juvenile mischief, flirtatious nights and is a refreshing buffer between the depressing folk tunes that I am usually more accustomed to.



If you’re in need of a caffeine hit without the caffeine, this track is inherently for you. And why not listen to the rest of Picture Show, the album “Everybody Talks” is drawn from? Get out your jazz hands and ride the wave of commercial success Neon Trees have been so well deserving of.