Crush of the Day — March 19, 2013 at 2:14 pm

Crush of the Day: Oh Mercy – ‘In My Stride’



There’s a certain appeal in a band that creates completely contradictory music. Oh Mercy toy with innocence and the profound, yet they are in no sense trying to confuse or do anything new. It’s what they do and it works.

Taken from their 2009 debut EP In the Nude for Love, “In My Stride” is often forgotten about amongst the ‘standout’ singles which gained the band national recognition. It’s a shame the song hasn’t made it onto any of their recent set lists but it will always remain one of my favourite Oh Mercy tracks regardless.

“In My Stride” tells the story of the forbidden love between a younger boy and a woman well beyond his years. Lead vocalist Alexander Gow’s suggestive choice of words describes their explicit desire, She takes in my shirts I wanna take hers off and every second line she says this has got to stop and Let your doors open wide I’m gonna take you in my stride / And the towels are soaked wet and I’m not finished with you yet.

Gow’s delivery is, however, elegantly innocent which cleverly sets us all up to approve and even encourage the affair. The song’s bold account continues on alongside an overall woeful mood that neither decreases nor elevates, possibly suggesting that the romance never went ahead. Nevertheless the couple’s illicit and fleeting moments highlighted against the backdrop of a melancholic vibe are a strangely beautiful combination.






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