Crush of the Day — April 24, 2013 at 3:46 pm

Crush of the Day: The 1975 – ‘Sex’



It’s not hard to like The 1975, the Manchester-based band composed of Matt Healy (vocals), Adam Hann (guitars), George Daniel (drums) and Ross McDonald (bass). They may have been short on providing us with a full-length album but the band was able to produce three critically-acclaimed EPs: Facedown (2012), Sex (2012) and Music for Cars (2013). In that span of time, they’ve also served as the supporting act for Little Comets and are now doing the same thing for Muse and Rolling Stones.

And while I do seem to have a bias for a collectively good looking and/or indie-artsy-looking band (and I mean you: Foster the People, Citizens!, Alt-J, Walk the Moon — I could go on, you know), The 1975 was able to get my attention through their track “Sex” and its repetitive line, “She’s got a boyfriend anyway” – then sealing the deal for me with the last track of their Sex EP, “You“. 

For the The 1975 newbies though, “Sex” is the perfect song to develop a little crush (or a man crush for our male readers out there) on these lads.


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