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Tankard – A Girl Called Cerveza



Artist Name: Tankard
Title Name: A Girl Called Cerveza
Label: Nuclear Blast
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini 


The raw, thrashy, legendary, fun, resilient and beer-fuelled kings of alcoholic metal are back! Going on for 30 years now, Tankard would easily form Germany’s response to the so called “Big 4” of thrash metal*, together with country mates Kreator, Sodom and Destruction. Reaching their 15th album in this long career, they once again focus on beer and the craziness of life as their central theme for this album, A Girl Called Cerveza**.

Never changing their signature hardcore-influenced thrash metal sound, the band still sounds tight and fresh, and once again toasts the metal world with their riff madness peppered by a unique sense of humour. Founding member Andreas “Gerre” Geremia’s vocals are loud and in your face. Andreas Gutjahr, who joined the band in 1999, bashes his axe with magnificently layered riffs, and melodic classic solos that brought a slight flavour of power metal into the band. Frank Thorwarth on bass and Olaf Zissel on drums complete the team with a competent and powerful rhythm section.

“Rapid Fire” starts the album in full force, followed by the stupendous title track – the first video taken from the album, a must see, absolutely hilarious, keeping the band’s tradition for funny videos, and a strong candidate to take “Rules for Fools” place as their funniest video ever. “Witchhunt 2.0” is next, and is a neck wrecker in the old 80s speed metal way. “Masters of Farces”, which mocks the whole concept of global warming, has an amazingly catchy riffage that gave me butterflies in my stomach – as this band used to do back in the golden days of Chemical Invasion and The Morning After.

“The Metal Lady Boy” has a groovier, slower pace, with additional vocals from the undisputable German queen of heavy metal, Doro, of Warlock  – and her own solo career, why not – fame. While “Not one Day Dead” picks up the faster pace, the climax is reached with the brilliant, hilarious, absurdly catchy “Son of a Fridge”. “Fandom at Random” shifts gears again to a slower tempo, while “Metal Magnolia” brings us back again to the 80s signature mosh-pit kind of tunes. And as if they had not already proven that their position as one of the best thrash metal bands ever is absolutely unquestionable, “Running on Fumes” closes the album in a skyscraper high note, with a mesmerizing slow intro, soon diving into an absolute madness of riff sequences, powerful screams, and knee buckling tempo.

Not forgetting to mention that many lyrics had help from Andy Bulgaropoulos – axe holder during their hey day – one thing is certain: this band is not running on fumes when it comes to creativity, energy, sense of humour and good music. The morning afters’ outcome? Five hangovers out of five, myself included.


* term used to refer to the 4 more popular bands of American thrash metal, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax.

** Cerveza means beer in Spanish.






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