Album Reviews — May 24, 2016 at 12:01 pm

Review: Della Sol Lounge – Chillout Sensations


12728572_407939319375004_958319337_nAustralia’s Della Sol Lounge has returned with his a ten track LP entitled ‘Chillout Sensations’. The album is a welcome addition to his assembly of relaxing, down-tempo beats, and the perfect accompaniment to anyone who’d like to invite a touch of serenity into their musical collection.

Chillout Sensations introduces itself as a musical foray into sombre territory, with the delicate piano lines and gentle ocean waves of ‘By the Sea Side’ setting the pace. Ethnic flutes introduce themselves and carry the serenity forward, as cascading piano top lines and aerodynamic pads float the listener’s consciousness to cloud nine. From the very first track, listeners are already coaxed in for a cruisy journey of chilled out beats and atmospheres.


The record features additional vocal talent from a variety of stand-out singers. ‘It Could Be’ with Divincii and Jenny Mayhem is one that definitely leaves a lasting impression and easily lands itself as one of my personal favourites off the record. Her performance is absolutely stunning – perfect in every way but without feeling stark and empty. When combined with Divincii’s equally as powerful backing vocals, the track oozes a dream pop vibe that is simply hard to resist.


‘Just Wanna Know You’ extends that dream pop vibe further, while propelling the listener into a log journal of Della Sol’s travel escapades. Vibey, eastern-influenced instrumentation and psychedelic, trippy beats reminiscent of Ott are executed flawlessly, and provide Laguan Green with the perfect backdrop to lay down some incredibly memorable vocal lines.


Della Sol is much more than a one-trick pony, and demonstrates this with the off-kilter trip-hop track ‘Love Hurt’ featuring Sanna Hatfield on vocal duties. This track begins shrouded in mystery, but not before long it drops us into a sensual and funk-laced groove that gradually builds into a Massive Attack ‘Mezzanine’ type affair – easily my favourite tune off the album.


While the album in its entirety takes some new risks for Della Sol Lounge, it is far from a departure from his signature sound, and I’d go as far as saying that this record is his best work yet. On one hand, this could be attributed to his ability to craft such sonically interesting downtempo beats, but we cannot underestimate his ear for choosing to work with the stellar vocalists from all around the globe. Special mentions have to be given to Kite from the UK, Sanna Hartfield, Celestia, MOD and many more that we have already mentioned.