Album Reviews — October 27, 2017 at 10:25 am

Review – ‘Encontrar Un Amore’


‘Encontrar Un Amore’ or “To find a love”

Genre: New Age, World, Chillout

The enigmatic Della Sol Lounge steps up, yet again, with another enchanting masterpiece. ‘Encontrar Un Amor’ is in the Genre of New age, World and chill-out. Now available on iTunes ‘Encontrar Un Amor – Single’

The track features a stunning vocal performance from Gabriela Dever and is as sensual and seductive as it gets.

Her Spanish spoken whispers pull you into her presence, as she then proceeds to coerce you into a gentle trance-like state with her pitch-perfect, and ever-so-slightly effected hooks.

Despite the overt richness of the track, it’s evident that Della Sol Lounge understands the impact that space can have on the listener. The Vangelis synth solo towards the end that only presents itself for a few notes has immense impact, if only for those few notes. This restraint that comes with not using it throughout the whole track is what separates him from a lot of modern music, which in my opinion can tend to veer too much towards the side of sounding too cluttered and ‘over-produced’.

While ‘Encontrar Un Amor’ is definitely not aimed at the dancefloors across the world (nor does it intend to), the production definitely does not lack any groove. The broken-beat programmed drums pull the track along beautifully, and incorporate dotted percussion notes that accent in all the right places.

Time and time again, Della Sol Lounge manages to put out a consistent track record of incredibly beautiful chillout ensembles. ‘Vibe’ is a word that gets thrown around loosely in the music space, but here it feels warranted, as there’s plenty of it.

With 3 years in the making the song has gone through many transformations to end up where it is and has it all from the warm, analog synthesizers, the beautifully recorded pianos, to the ethnic Shakuhachi flutes and Gregorian chants reminiscent of 90’s Enigma inspired ‘new age’ genre, but with a modern twist.

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