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An Interview with Mando-Pop-Rock Star Yida Huang


Yida Huang is a massive Mando-pop-rock star based in China born and raised in Singapore. Topping the Top 10 Pop Charts in Mainland China with his new album Heartdisk released in June, the 33 year-old was invited to headline Zebra Festival in Shanghai this year. Music Weekly Asia had a chat ahead of his live performance.

Yida Huang

Music Weekly Asia: Hello, Yida! You have many faithful fans since your debut in 2004. What do you want to say to them?

Yida Huang: I am very grateful to my fans. There isn’t much to say, I just appreciate them for the continuous support. It is them who give me the incessant motivation to exert myself in realizing my music dream. Because of them, I can play the music I like most. I owe them a lot.

Out of your entire discography, which is the album you like the most?

In fact, I have just released my new album Heartdisk (心盤)I love it. I hope you will all give it a listen! I promise it won’t let you down.


You and Chinese actress Tiffany Tang co-starred in Retaining, a musical film about love. Did you enjoy this acting experience, and have you ever thought of starting a career in cinema?

Yeah, I like it. It was a good try for me. Whether I will act in more movies depends on the roles and scripts. If there is an excellent plot and the role matches my personality, I would love to take part in the movie. It is just like what I do in music: Do what suits me best, abandon the unfitting.

Have you had a flair for music since childhood?

No. When I was 16-years old, I was listening to the music of Hong Kong singer Koma Wong and his band Beyond. It’s him who hit my heart. This is what provided me continuous courage, inspiration and motivation to pursue my music dream. Koma Wong is really a good musician.

Your fans often talk about your integrity. What is your perspective on making music?

I would always be myself. I prefer to be frank and straightforward all the time. So does my music. I don’t like to add much dazzling effects or distortion into my songs. Nowadays, many artists digitally edit their vocals. They sound smooth and sweet when recorded, but they can never sing like that live. I hope my music reflects my original voice. I really love music festivals, being live on stage, where I can enjoy music together with the audience.


Yida Huang at Zebra Festival

What is your current favourite music style? Do you have a music idol?

I like different styles of music for different situations. It depends on what I am working on. For instance, when I need energy, I may choose some upbeat music, like Guns N’ Roses. In a quiet situation I like to listen to gentle music. Recently, I’m more into songs from the seventies and the eighties. I enjoy old melodies and find those voices very true, they move me. They just fit my current mood and mental status. Every note resonates with my heart.

Are you willing to play in your hometown, Singapore?

Sure. If a promoter invites me and the public is waiting for me, I will be more than glad to do so. In fact, I am a little bit worried that the audience won’t fully understand what my music is about because of the language barrier. I haven’t been back to Singapore for many years. It has changed a lot and I’m not familiar with many places now. But I really hope the Singaporean audience will give my music a chance!






  1. bella says:

    support yida always!
    does this interview have a voice record????
    i just wanna listen to yida’s Engilsh accent

    1. Marie says:

      Hi Bella, this interview was led in Chinese then translated!