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The 10 Best April Fool’s Pranks For 2015


YZHYbhWell another April Fool’s Day has passed and another year we’ve been suckered into a litany of pranks. Now we’re well into the safe territory of April 2nd we can take the time to reflect on who managed the best deceptions of April Fool’s 2015.


Uber convinced users that they could take to the ‘streets of Bangkok’ on boats during the rainy season. Honda announced the all new hybrid HR-V Selfie Edition, combining two of American millennial’s favorite things – an appearance of environmental responsibility and the ability to wallow in your own narcissism. Google had people that weren’t lost playing Pac man in their residential neighborhoods. It was the music industry that really took us for a ride though.


Bands, musicians and even music schools took delight in sucking us into their web of lies, only to cough us out, sputtering ‘Okay… You got me’ at the end. We take a look at 10 of the best from around the globe:


Youtube gets engulfed by a ‘Sandstorm’

Maybe you were looking to kick back and listen to some Pink Floyd, perhaps you were perusing YouTube to watch the latest Ariana Grande video but if there’s anything you can count on, it’s YouTube knowing you better than you know yourself. And what you want is old school 90s trance apparently. If you were looking for ANY music clip on April 1st, you’d be asked if you were actually looking for trance classic Sandstorm by Darude. Well played YouTube… Well played.



Sam Smith comes out as straight

Sometimes the best April Fool’s Day pranks don’t need to be either fancy or elaborate (or believable it seems). UK crooner Sam Smith took to Twitter for a simple message to his 2.6 million followers “Guys I have some news.. I’m straight.” It seems he couldn’t maintain the charade for long though as it took less than an hour for him to let everyone know it was a joke.

Kanye West gets punked with the ‘release’ of new album’s tracklist

Ok, so it wasn’t quite April Fools Day when this broke, but it seems worthy of consideration for this list. Some prankster released what appeared to be a screenshot of Kanye’s new album ‘So Help Me God’ sending the internet into a tailspin. The image looked to be part of Jay Z’s new streaming music service TIDAL  but there were early indications that this might not be the real deal.

As much as Kanye is pretty fond of himself, releasing a track with the late Michael Jackson entitled ‘Piss On Your Grave’ might be taking things a little too far, even for Yeezy.

kanye tidal


Tool prank fans with April Fools ‘music leak’

Tool’s April Fools Day pranks have been a staple from the band for the past two decades but toying with their fanatical fan’s heart strings with the tantalizing prospect of a new release was just plain mean.

The band haven’t released an album since 2006’s 10,000 Days but pulled a convincing prank Wednesday morning announcing via Facebook that another group had stolen their ‘unfinished music’ that Tool was working on and releasing it as their own. You be the judge how similar it sounds to their signature style:


Slipknot become their idols

It’s never been in doubt that Slipknot have a soft spot for inter dimensional superheroes Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – they’ve been performing the theme song at festivals for years. When a position opened up on the Power Rangers roster, you’d better bet that Sid Wilson from Slipknot put his hand up… or did he?


Kanye West starts petition to headline every festival in the world

It’s doubtful that Kanye West didn’t get wind of the petition pitched at Glastonbury asking him to be removed as the headliner. In his typically understated way, Kanye has gone on the offensive, this time petitioning the entire planet to “book me (Kanye West) to headline every music festival on Earth”.** Commence slow clap**



Lady Gaga says goodbye to the music industry

Not to be outdone by her contemporaries, Lady Gaga took to social media platform Twitter to inform the world that she’s had enough and she’s quitting the industry. No word yet whether this was a prank, but we think she loves the spotlight too much to give it all up.



Papa Roach/Meagan Trainor announce plans for world domination

Papa Roach didn’t have much to lose since their career took a nosedive following their single hit ‘Last Resort’ back in 2000. April Fools seemed as good an attempt as any to get anyone talking about them again. Through a twitter post they informed us  that they were to embark on a double header with pop singer Meagan Trainor on a F.E.A.R. That Bass Tour.

Berklee College Of Music introduce a kazoo course

Renowned as one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, if not the world, Berklee College finally gave credit to the humble kazoo.  A three and a half minute clip extolls the virtues of the kazoo and the formative influence it has had on modern musicians. It only seems logical that such an important instrument should be introduced as a principal instrument.


Miley Cyrus ‘Confirmed’ to play Tank Girl in the sequel to cult 90s movie.

It may have taken two decades to release a sequel but Alan Martin, the co-creater of the original comic series, announced that Cyrus had been cast as the title character in the sequel.

Supposedly slated for release in late 2016 with the working title of Tank Girl: The Voyage Home, the movie will center on the story of a love triangle between Tank Girl, Jet Girl and the mutant kangaroo Booga. We figure this was about the time where people started realizing this might not actually be legit.



Honorable Mention:
Electric Daisy Carnival organize a rave in Antarctica

We have to hand it to them… this is one of the more original pranks we’ve seen. EDM festival organizers Electric Daisy Carnival managed to pull the wool over the eyes of a number of excited dance music fans when they announced their intention to run a festival at literally, the end of the earth.

edc antartica