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5 Things You Need to Know About G-Dragon


We know that K-Pop sent a lot of people in a frenzy these past couple of years – and who can blame them? If there’s anyone who could make anyone ‘pop’ on the screen, it’s definitely the Koreans. This month, BIGBANG member G-Dragon released his second solo EP, Coup D’Etat. Not only did it chart in South Korea, it also made a good impression in this region particularly in Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam. It doesn’t end there though – the spunky rapper’s EP entered Billboard 200 at #182 and topped the World Albums Chart. So if you’re just catching up on the whole K-Pop craze, then here’s a couple of things you need to know about the Korean star – if you’re seeing him tonight at the Singapore Grand Prix with his bandmates, or not.


1. His name literally translates to G-Dragon.


Unlike some stage names that were derived from some complex reasoning, G-Dragon’s real name is Ji Yong (지용). Ji (지) is G and Yong (용) means ‘dragon’ in Korean. That’s pretty convenient for him!


2. He’s been in the entertainment industry since he was a kid.

G-Dragon’s first TV appearance was for a children’s educational program called Bbo Bbo Bbo. He played the role of Little Roora. The show ran for 32 years with a total of 7,754 episodes before it aired its last episode this August 7. G-Dragon expressed his sadness over the show’s end in a tweet


3. His hair may be in serious damage.

500x300 g dragon hairdoo

It would be hard to count how many times G-Dragon dyed and changed his hairstyle – he is, after all, known as “Iguana Idol” plainly for the fact that he changes his hair color more times than any girl in her lifetime. We trust that his stylists are taking care of his mane though – after all, it is one of the things that make G-Dragon exciting.


4. He likes “Dragon Ball Z”.


Well, we’re assuming that he does – no one would put a tattoo of a dragon ball on his left shoulder if they don’t like it, right? And that’s not the only ink he’s got – he has quite a few actually. There’s one on his back with the phrase: Too fast to live too young to die. He also got himself vita dolce and moderato on his forearms. His music video for “Crooked” had him sporting a couple more than his seven (or is it eight now?) permanent tattoos, but that’s just henna.


5. He’s a slasher.


With singer and rapper under his belt, G-Dragon is also a songwriter and a producer, mostly responsible for BIGBANG’s tracks – actually, let’s make that specific by saying that he co-penned 128 tracks, some of which he co-produced and co-composed which makes him a great collaborator. For Coup d’Etat, he tapped Diplo and Harlem Shake’s Baauer for the title track, Missy Elliot for “Niliria”, Sky Ferreira for “Black” and Zion T. and Boyz Noise for “I Love It”. And oh, you remember Psy‘s “Gentleman” dance step? Apparently, that’s G-Dragon’s idea too.


At just 25, G-Dragon is certainly crossing the borders with his creativity: whether it be translated in his songs, choreography or sense of style. If you haven’t caught the K-Pop fever yet, we’re afraid that the K-Pop bug is still on the loose! Thanks to the likes of G-Dragon, we predict that we are all bound for a couple more of surprises along the way. 




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