Artists / Bands — July 1, 2015 at 11:54 am

BIGBANG release ‘If You’ and new music clip for ‘Sober’


As June ticks over to July it can only mean one thing. That’s right – Another pair of songs as part of BIGBANG’s MADE series! This time however there’s been a change to the previously established formula of releasing a music video along with each song.big-bang-sober


Whilst the energetic rock number “Sober” sees the boys dancing around in a surreal dream scape landscape, their tear jerking ballad ‘If You’ was not released with an accompanying clip. According to, the decision to not release a music video for “If You” may be based on either or both logistical and musical reasons. “While working on their ‘MADE’ project, BIGBANG has been simultaneously on their world tour so schedule-wise they have been extremely busy,” the source said. “But more than that reason, ‘If You’ is the saddest song that BIGBANG has released since their debut in 2006, so a music video wasn’t filmed.”


If was also said that the  heartfelt “‘If You’ is a song that touches hearts,” the source explained, “The music video wasn’t filmed for this song with the intention of [having listeners] focus on the music itself.”


Check out the songs below and share with us your thoughts! How do you think they compare to the previous releases for “MADE Series?”