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Bounding in KL with Kyoto Protocol and Liyana Fizi


Artists featuring in each other’s tracks are all the rage these days, have you noticed? Nicki Minaj raps over Ciara’s new song, Yuna, Robin Thicke and Daft Punk get Pharrell Williams on board for Top-Chart packages, Pinoy artist Abra and actress Arci Mu‪ñoz share the same musical bill, and the list goes on. 

The most recent collaboration we got wind of is by Malaysian rock band Kyoto Protocol who garnered the delicate Liyana Fizi on the making of their first Malay track, ‘Jelita’. The process wasn’t simple, partly because Kyoto Protocol doesn’t like to take the easy way! 

Kyoto Protocol and Liyana Fizi

Kyoto Protocol and Liyana Fizi

Written in English and entitled ‘Beautiful’, ‘Jelita’ evolved into a Malay after a translator was hired. But to take the track to the next level, adding a female vocalist – and not any random female vocalist – was the plan concocted by the five lads. Stars Yuna and Sheila Majid wandered in their minds, until someone suggested Liyana Fizi, whose voice would perfectly suit the new disco track, and counterpointing lead singer Fuad’s baritone. The acoustic pop darling’s attention was caught by the poetic tune of the lyrics, and the fact that the song was sung in Malay. Unfortunately for us, nothing juicy happened during the recording session, or so says Fuad! 

Mixed and mastered by Faiz Fadzil from The Wknd, ‘Jelita’ has been selected as the theme song for a drama series called “Autumn Dihatiku” on the Malaysian media portal Tonton, that’s what we call building a hit!


Kyoto Protocol and Liyana Fizi are giving the track ‘Jelita‘ away in exchange for a tweet. Watch out for the videoclip to be released soon.

Catch Kyoto Protocol at Good Vibes Festival in Malaysia (August 17, 2013) and Liyana Fizi at the Jarasum International Jazz Festival in Korea (October 3-6, 2013).