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Cashew Chemists: Set to Charm


From The Trees & The Wild’s Europe tour to Nick Chim’s music video, crowdfunding is certainly catching on as a novel way for artists and musicians from South-East Asia to rally support from their fanbase to fund their creative output. Recently, the charming foursome that makes up Cashew Chemists have also hopped onto the crowdfunding bandwagon to aid in the production of their upcoming debut EP. Judging from the sighs and swoons they have been receiving with their effortlessly cool live performances and nostalgic 60’s-70’s throwback grooves, fans and backers alike are undoubtedly in for a treat. Music Services Asia has a chat with the lads to find out more about this venture so read on to find out how you can contribute!

Music Services Asia:
Hi Cashew Chemists! So tell us, why did the band make the decision to use crowdfunding for this coming first EP?

Cashew Chemists: We thought it was the most tangible way we could get our fans involved in the music making process. By letting our fans know how they are contributing in helping us fulfill our dreams and getting them involved, makes the entire process so much more meaningful.

To know that you played a part in making the album you hold in your hands a reality, makes it all the more special.

How will the funds raised from this campaign be allocated?

Well, funds raised will be used for the following 3 things:
a. Music recording and production
b. Producing the merchandise (tshirts, badges and posters)
c. Venue cost for EP launch.

What’s in store for Cashew Chemists fans who are interested to pledge?

We’ve got lots of different rewards for the different amounts you decide to pledge! Find out more on!

How successful do you reckon the crowdfunding concept will be for Singaporean bands such as yourself? What do you think are the most important factors for success?

I think it’s a great initiative and bands who need financial support will find these avenues really helpful. It’s also a great way for fans to show bands their love and encouragement! I think success only comes with hard work patience, and perseverance. It’s over-preached but I guess it’s because it’s the only way.

Any parting words for your fans and Music Weekly readers?

We want to thank those who have supported us one way or the other in our journey!


Head over to ToGather.Asia to contribute to Cashew Chemists’ crowdfunding campaign!