Crush of the Day, Dance / Electro — December 13, 2012 at 6:55 pm

Crush of the Day: Nathan Fake – ‘Iceni Strings’


A few weeks ago, I found myself pausing in the middle of a dancing crowd (well, it was more like a field – a uniform pattern of moving singularities with names). It happened while a figure called “Nathan Fake”, which looks more like an alien (but not one from the edge of some universe): the kind of fairy tale version, was in one of Berlin’s most frequented clubs, Horst. That specific night, I was really into shakin’ it, and this happens exactly, ehm, never per year. So let’s say that it was a special night for me, big time!

By then, this wall of sound – though it sounds so cliché and cheesy but it’s so true – crushed my heart, filled it up with stuffed bunnies, clouds, cotton candies and all things little girls’ dreams are made of. It was like in one of those science fiction movies where you can see things moving in slowmotion around a person in the middle of a fight. I really have no idea what tools this dude used but this definitely would have never worked out without his brilliance and talent, creating those beauties of moving sound scapes on top of an ocean of floating basses.

It made me stop from moving, thinking and getting haunted by the idea of only having a full club experience by moving. That night, I found myself listening – yes, the John-Cage-way-of-listening (he whispered it into my ear), for about 2.5 hours to one of the best creations my senses were allowed to grasp in 2012.




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