Album Reviews, Dance / Electro — January 11, 2013 at 5:37 pm

Review: Ben Pearce – What I Might Do



Artist Name: Ben Pearce
Title Name: What I Might Do
Label: MTA Records
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley


A happy new year to you all! I hope you tore the place up when midnight struck and aren’t too shattered to be back at work. I know I’m not exactly moving into the 2013 future here, but I just couldn’t resist bringing you this little nugget that slipped by my wayside last year, a pounding EP/Single from Purpsoul head, Ben Pearce.

What I Might Do is that rare moment when genre crossovers just mesh perfectly. Quietly lifting vocals from an Anthony Hamilton album track, Ben Pearce somehow stays true to the groove while delivering the most chilled, hazy deep house accompaniment imaginable. The simplicity of the two chord progression and offbeat bass stabs perfectly offsets the vocal, which is slightly edited to give a more frenetic, even mechanical feel. The house hats do the opposite, moving with Hamilton’s groove to fight back against the production’s minimal counter balance. The re-work is an inspired fusion of soul/RnB and deep house and has a great club edit for a nice, smooth mix.

Remixes come from Harry Wolfman, Adam Shelton and Bonar Bradberry who offer 3 refreshing takes on the original. Labelmate Wolfman starts things off accentuating the other end of the spectrum to deliver a hazy, treble heavy summer feel with some soft tech house undertones and drops. Shelton takes things up a notch with his energetic house rework. Swapping subtle pads for synthetic stabs, adding a creepy vocal undertone and weaving a syncopated tom and bass line through the mix fills out the original, turning the chilled vibes to an on point midnight stomper. Bradberry rounds it all off with a deep velvet mix that adds even more weight to Hamilton’s soulful vocal.

This is a single that truly manages to stands on its own as an EP. Variant and eternally appealing, it’s a testament that even after 5 consecutive listens you never get sick of Pearce’s vocal rework. Check out the radio edit below for a sample, essential listening from all sides of house.


 Ben Pearce’s What I Might Do is available on iTunes.