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Review: Boston Bun – Housecall EP


Artist Name: Boston Bun
Title Name: Housecall EP
Label: Ed Banger
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

It’s always refreshing when an established label releases something that takes you by surprise. Last week, French electro powerhouse Ed Banger did just that with a housey release from Pedro‘s old colleague, Boston Bun. Clearing the label’s high standards and leaving the trademark French sound Ed Banger is known for in one clean move, Boston Bun’s Housecall EP was the last thing I expected to have pounding through my headphones all weekend.

“Housecall” is by no means a wholly new sound. In fact, you can probably drum up 5 or 6 comparisons to draw with its bleepy, repetitive hook building layers instantly. Though fresh for Ed Banger, however, it is not originality that shines through in the track but its simple and perfectly delivered energy. Staying fairly lo-fi and employing some unconvential vocal overdubbing, “Housecall” on paper sounds set for the scrap pile. Thankfully the simple groove and syncopated sample stabs that come through the track keep the energetic grind track grounded and effective.

The EP is not a one track wonder though and the first B-Side “Closer” delivers a track that, though less poppy, could still easily turn every head on the floor. The sample (also frequented by Soulwax) is well used, instatly gaining recognition and starting things off on the right foot while the bouncy bassline and tinny highs keep funk levels high. The calculated build works well to deliver another cheeky bomb.

Finisher “Urname” brings a little more disco to the scene, again marrying vocals, layering and some intentionally messy samples and sounds to deliver a fluid, hype inspiring track. Though mostly geared to a positive summer vibe, there’s a definite sense of longing that comes through in the bass and chord progression that invokes about the nicest feeling of uncertainty you’re ever likely to come across.

For Boston Bun, Housecall is a triumphant entrance into the spotlight. For Ed Banger, Housecall has breathed new life into the label, reminding us we we all fell so deep in love the first time.


Boston Bun – Housecall



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