Album Reviews, Dance / Electro — March 27, 2013 at 4:09 pm

REVIEW: Chymera – Disc EP


Artist Name: Chymera
Title Name: Disc EP
Label: Dirt Crew Recordings
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

Hot off the press we’ll be checking out the new EP from Irish DJ producer Chymera. Mixing elements of Techno and House together, Chymera has been a household name since his infectious, piano driven “Curl” exploded through 2011’s dance summer. Back again on Dirt Crew Recordings, Chymera’s Disc EP is different, but certainly no less rewarding than its predecessor.

“Disc” starts things up with an energetic beat that hints at an upbeat 80s/nu-disco crossover. Not even the kick’s introduction hints at how big the track will get before the bass drops in a minute after the hyped beat began. It’s the sort of driven bassline that forces itself to the front, no matter how much else is going on. There’s a lot going on though, and with 80’s synth arpeggios and fantastic drum programming, Chymera keeps interest and motion across a big, blatant and repetitive sound that could easily be overdone.

Chymera gets deeper in to the mix with “Isa”. Packed with swelling with bass and pads, the intro creates a wall of anticipation which gets slammed by the introduction of a solid, pounding beat. Chymera’s drum programming and general sequencing skills are really flaunted in this track as small features emerge and shrink back playfully without overstating their presence. Mark E adds his flavour to the same track, bringing a pounding, bouncy backbone that’s fantastically separate to the original. The three tracks are solid and with more variance than you can shake a stick at, making the Disc EP a great choice for your collection.




Chymera – Disc