Album Reviews, Dance / Electro — April 15, 2013 at 10:22 am

REVIEW: David Dann & Poet (feat. Golden Phoenix) – Let’s Be Human Again



Artist Name: David Dann & Poet (Feat Golden Phoenix)
Title Name: Let’s Be Human Again
Label: Listen Deep
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley


I’d like to prelude the opinions contained herein by saying that I’m not a fan of trance. There’s something about a four beat that simple and those cheesy synth highs that have always rubbed me the wrong way, so when David Dann‘s new single “Let’s Be Human Again” landed on my desk, it’s safe to say I approached it with some caution. Sadly, I’ve not been turned to the genre, however, even for a hater it’s pretty easy to see that this is some above average trance gear.

After a moment’s amusement at the ironically mechanical intro to “Human” (though quite impressed with at the offbeat hats) I was pleasantly surprised to hear the track build subtly. Though sticking to trance’s trademark systematic development, each addition and change over came through as natural flow that never felt too forced. I was also impressed by the vocal delivery which steered clear of the cheesy trance belt in favour of a far more attractive tone. Though the synth line and constant thump that would eventually break my heart were starting to come through, David’s production admirably kept these floating and developing quietly in the back ground, further adding to the vocal build.

Even during the big room breaks that I’m so against I was surprised to find a few elements that still resonated. Golden Phoenix’s rhythmic vocal climbs were alluring enough to keep my attention and I even became emotionally involved for the 30 second break from 3-3.30 as the vocal and surprisingly well-filtered synth swept across the track.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and, as the insidious trance drums returned to the track, my interest quickly petered. I’ve got to say though I’m impressed by Dann’s effort. Having connected accidentally with so many features of the tune as a trance hater, I can only imagine a trance fan to be entirely taken with every breaking point I flippantly rejected. Or maybe the subtleties of the track would be too much for the tanned masses to take… I guess there’s only one way to find out.


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