Album Reviews, Dance / Electro — November 26, 2012 at 9:46 am

Review: Kenton Slash Demon – The Schwarzschild Solution Trilogy


Artist Name: Kenton Slash Demon
Title Name: The Schwarzschild Solution Trilogy
Label: Tartelet Records
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

We’re going to go in a slightly different direction from our usual today, spreading our focus across three inter-related releases. From the minds of Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon, The Schwarzschild Solution Trilogy consists of 3 EPs focusing on separate and evolving genres and directions. Each EP contains a pretty amazing original as well as a dramatic rework from a heavy hitting producer, a bonus that made the releases pretty hard to miss in the electronic world.

The first release revolves around Sun – a dark, disco-influenced number with a rolling bassline and jutted, sectional approach. Sun is a perfect introduction to the duo’s style of production, creating both an ominous, almost claustrophobic atmosphere with a buoyant bass and harmonic line that seem to travel well and truly beyond the walls the boys initially threw up. Layering is definitely the name of the game and the young Danes certainly have a way with their sounds. Portable (aka Bodycode), the man behind this inspired remix from The Knife’s opera, takes the remix reins first and sets the bar high with a deep, sorrowful interpretation that adds a lot more than it borrows.

The second track in the trilogy is Matter, a track that manages to be both quicker and much gloomier than its predecessor. With a pessimistic robotic vocal, deep chords and agonised cries, it’s surprising Matter can still get you moving. It certainly doesn’t fail there though as the Danes’ cutting ability again takes precedence with a driving backbeat over a tune that couldn’t be further from optimism. “Runaway” brings a warehouse feel to the remix which (in my case at least) brightens the mood considerably, showing the careful selection of Kenton Slash Demon’s remixing compadres. 

After the gloom and the big room disco, Daemon provides the big finish. Combining elements of the two previous releases to create a rock solid culmination, Daemon moves beautifully with the usual chilling atmosphere to create a finisher with an instantly relatable and recognisable groove. It’s a big room and incredibly satisfying close to a masterful and eclectic electronic trilogy for the modern age. The final edits come fittingly from Axel Boman whose dramatic cuts go beyond the traditional rethink and into a more ethereal, psychedelic realm.

Though the tracks total a number most would consider an EP size, the separation of styles and themes stops the trilogy from ever becoming gimmicky and positions the Denmark natives as artists that truly require your attention. Grab a copy (or three) and immerse yourself in the experience.


Kenton Slash Demon – Daemon

The Schwarzschild Solution Trilogy is currently available on iTunes.