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REVIEW: Noir – Noir In the House Remix Sampler


 Artist Name: Noir
Title Name: Noir in the House Remix Sampler
Label: Defected
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

As the quicker among you may have guessed, Noir‘s music hangs on the darker side of the electronic spectrum. Filling his originals and mixes with sinister and sometimes menacing bass grooves, the taste maker’s knowledge of and approach to dark house hits the point firmly where it should. Noir’s remix sampler, his first on Defected which preludes his full length mix/compilation release, is just a drop in the ocean compared to his catalogue, but serves as a good lead in to the DJ/producer’s body of work.

Taking on 2 big tracks, the sampler starts things off on high with a smooth rework of 2011’s epic house killer “Amame”. Keeping Jei’s Roisin Murphy-esque vocal while darkening the already tense production, Noir’s version adds length and direction to a choppy but great but sudden track. Led by a simple, driving bass groove, Noir blends in and out a huge array of percussive and synthesized elements without ever letting the mix get too crowded. “Amame” is a top tune to begin with, but the Murk boy’s track is made all the more danceable by Noir’s additional grooves and arrangements.

Going even bigger for number 2, Noir takes on Jason Jinx‘s early 2000 house classic “Your First Time” for a huge mix. Adding depth and complexity to the original’s booming, scattered house swagger, “Your First Time” is transformed from jumpy house to an energetic, midnight rave track. Sweeping synths and great builds create something special and show a different side of Noir’s production preference.

It’s a brief snippet but a great insight into a DJ and producer worth getting to know. If you’re liking what you hear, make sure to check out all the mixes on his Soundcloud page and the new track under his new beatier Innakat alias Grab Somebody.


Artist Website


Intruder (A Murk Production) – Amame (Noir Is In The House Remix)