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Review: Stephen Day – Lost & Found EP


Artist Name: Stephen Day
Title Name: Lost & Found EP
Label: Eclesia
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley

It’s the end of Music Weekly’s first year and what better way to celebrate than to bring things full circle with a local Singaporean release. We’re delving deep into 4 AM clubland with an ambitious release from England-born Avalon resident, Stephen Day. Out soon on local label ECLESIA, Day’s Lost & Found EP keeps an underground tech house vibe with two tracks and two reworks guaranteed to drive through an early morning dance floor.

“9 Months” is the first offering, a deep tech house creation that is instantly familiar, yet surprising as it unfolds. With big room echoes, stabbing synths and evolving rhythm lines (my god the hats on this one), “9 Months” has every thing a tech house purist could want. Rigidly building and sometimes intentionally stifling its groove, Day’s restriction forces the track to deliver in unexpected ways. Local veteran and label mate Brendon P‘s remix drops out the tech to leave a cavernous deep house offering. Slowing the pace and growing the bass, P’s rework ensures enough of the original remains to make the track shine in a whole new light.

B Side: “It Can Be Found”  brings more of Day’s tech stylings to the floor. Throbbing with sampling, layers and some incredibly smooth production, “It Can Be Found” weaves nimbly through countless peaks and refrains. With a guiding vocal sample leading listeners on, the track is meticulously structured to plunge the audience deep into a shadowy place. As if to salute the B side in its own right, legendary deep house producer Dave Pezzner picks up the remix. Tearing down the stems to bare bone, Dave’s take builds up a deep, jutting house sound with an intensity that’s not for the faint-hearted.

All in all, Lost and Found provides a small arsenal of night time killers and reminds us that we needn’t venture far for world class, intelligent dance music.



Eclesia Records



Stephen Day – 9 months (Original Mix) 

Stephen Day’s Lost and Found EP  will be digitally released on January 11, 2013.