Album Reviews, Dance / Electro — January 18, 2013 at 5:27 pm

Review: Lindstrøm & Todd Terje – Lanzarote


Artist Name: Lindstrøm & Todd Terje
Title Name: Lanzarote
Label: Olsen Records
Reviewed by: Rory O’Maley


I usually try to keep things fresh and bring you something totally new every week, but the news that has come my way is just too good not to report. We have just received word that synth killer Todd Terje and fellow Norwegian electronic legend Lindstrøm are teaming up, not just for a track but an entire touring project throughout 2013.

It’s not the first time the pair have lent each other a hand, with multiple Terje edits commissioned for Lindstrøm’s recent and acclaimed Smalhans release. This is, however, the first time we’ve seen the two notable producers share production duties entirely, so as a fan of both artists, you’ll forgive me for setting my hopes extremely high.

Lanzarote” is the duo’s first offering and even without a pre-built hype, the track certainly delivers. Bombastic, sweeping and deeply funky, the track is everything you’d expect from the two electronic powerhouses. What surprised me most about “Lanzarote” is how distinctly un-meshed the sound became. Each producer’s sound gets firmly stamped onto their particular sections, yet the harmonious feeling of the track never wavers. Though it took me a couple of listens to really get in to it, there’s nothing in the world that could make me press replay faster than the jingle style vocal that ties the tune together.

“Diskjokke” hits up the remix and, as expected, moulds the buoyant track  in to a solid banger. Meshing cowbells and steel drum with big electro drums and stabs, the mix slowly shifts away from its NY Lipps-esque opener, repositioning Terje’s synth sweeps to an epic centre piece for a club tune.

“Lanzarote” is big news for thoughtful electronic fans. Make sure you keep an ear out for what is bound to be one of the years brightest tours.