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deus – Following Sea


dEUS new album Following Sea is here. Now. At the same time as you are hearing it the rest of the world gets to hear it too. This isn’t a clever marketing ploy or an attempt to grasp the zeitgeist but, more simply the band looking to get their music out whilst it is fresh. As Tom Barman says:
‘We had songs we didn’t want to lose, didn’t want to have sat on a shelf for four years so we decided to break our previous way of working and be less precious and finish the songs quickly and then release them to the public. It’s 2012 for fuck’s sake, the idea of waiting months to release stuff seems so old fashioned.’

Following Sea was recorded, produced and mixed in bursts of activity following the completion of dEUS’s previous album, Keep You Close (released October 2011) with producer Adam Noble again at the controls. Following on from the confessional noir of Keep You Close, Following Sea is a lighter and brighter album. Barman jokes that, partly, the appearance of the album is ‘borne out of shame after delivering nine songs for Keep You Close in two years’. This is slightly disingenuous for, as Q noted when accompanying the band for two stand out shows at Holland’s Into the Great Wide Open, marvelling at ‘the band’s intense work ethic’ that squeezed a video shoot, two sets and a clutch of DJ performances into 48 hours, dEUS may be known for long studio stays but they are rarely inactive.

Shifted out of their comfort zone, dEUS deliver their first song in French, the opening spy thriller theme in waiting ‘Quatre Mains’ and some of their most tender moments in ‘Nothings’, ‘The Soft Fall’ and ‘Crazy About You’. Always admired by their peers and the public for their compositional ability, this new way of working throws up new dEUS classics to stand beside their already awesome catalogue.







1. Quatre Mains
2. Sirens
3. Hidden Wounds
4. Girls Keep Drinking
5. Nothings
6. The Soft Fall
7. Crazy About You
8. The Give Up Gene
9. Fire Up The Google Beat Algorith
10. One Thing About Waves



In 1994 a small but vibrant Antwerp music scene meant that most alternative bands were incestuous, liquid beings; with each musician being as likely to be in five bands as one, but a mutual love of all things alternative and underground, melded five talented musicians and performers into dEUS.
Since then the line-up has changed several times. At present dEUS consists of Tom Barman, Klaas Janzoons, Stéphane Misseghers, Mauro Pawlowksi and Alan Gevaert.




Following Sea
is released by [PIAS] and distributed in SEA by Love Da Records.