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Nidji’s lead singer Giring Ganesha Tells Us About His Social Network Kincir


Nidji’s lead singer Giring Ganesha has been a very busy man. In addition to his vocal duties he is also the founder of an online social network aimed at musicians called ‘Kincir’. We managed to catch up with him at the Sundown festival in Singapore and ask him some questions about it and Nidji.


Giring Ganesha Kincir Interview

What is Kincir

Basically, it’s an online fan club. It’s an idea that I started thinking about 3 years ago. And then one day, I met this very successful marketing entrepreneur in Indonesia. He started and grew it in to the biggest community site in Indonesia and made some money out of it it. So, I met him and pitched him the idea for Kincir.

So, you just had the idea at the time?

Yes, we started from scratch. Now we have 30,000 users and 1.2m page views. A  lot of Indonesian musicians have joined including some of the biggest bands in the country.

What is your role?

Well, I’m the co-founder. I have a general manager but I tend to juggle everything. We have 7 people working for us. We’re trying to make it bigger and hire more technicians.

What inspired you to launch Kincir?

Within the Indonesian music industry I see a lot of good bands & musicians in Jazz, punk, hardcore, hiphop. But they don’t get the chance to perform on TV because TV is now just about making money & commercialism. Therefore, it won’t feature anything that doesn’t attract a lot of viewers. So, I’ve created something for the digital era. In Kincir you can build your community using YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, whatever you already use. I don’t say to bands, ‘Close your YouTube and your Twitter’. All these sites, including Instagram, they all have different uses that a band can bring together using Kincir.

I don’t want to be like YouTube. Although a band can upload their video directly to Kincir, I don’t want to be a video platform because who can beat YouTube? So, you can upload your video or you can paste a URL from YouTube. And that goes for Soundcloud too. Our core message is “Everything Connected”.

What other features are you planning?

Well, a mobile application is one. But another future feature is a good online crowdfunding system.  This will help lot of indie bands to produce tracks with the help of their fans, who can donate, say 10,000 Rupiah towards funding a recording. It’s like Kickstarter but what I want to say is, that within Kincir this will be just another tool. If you want to use this feature, you can, if not, that’s fine.

Then the third one I want to develop, is for people and brands to advertise on Kincir. If you have a business, like Music Weekly, and you want to advertise on the page of Nidji, then you can and we share the revenue.

We’re already working with several telcos and banks who have paid for campaigns with us. We currently split the revenue 60/40 in the band’s favour. But in future we want our part to be smaller and the musician’s part to be bigger because we’re simply creating the tool.

I think each type of music community has their own type of audience, and they will appeal to different brands. So, if it’s, say, a hardcore or punk band then maybe that appeals to a drinks brands. Or if it’s a DJ or club act those may be associated with beer and cigarettes. If the artist is a female then her fans may be interested in beauty products and so on. If I’m a brand, I can look for the right artists to compliment my brand on Kincir.

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing Indonesian artists?

Many times, Indonesian bands don’t believe in their local product. In fact, it’s the same for Kincir and start-ups over here. Sites from abroad, like Facebook, Twitter and the rest, are all good but we can make something better. Just give us a chance! Musicians too need to believe in themselves.

For new musicians the challenge is gaining exposure – TV isn’t interested in music like heavy metal.  But these bands can now grow their communities and use Kincir to reach their fans.

The challenge for established musicians is that if you’re too “old”, TV will only show the younger musicians because it’s better for their ratings. Kincir enables these bands to stay connected with their audience.

What are the plans for Nidji?

We’re releasing our new single and another four tracks. It’s a soundtrack again. Next year we’ll be releasing another soundtrack. In my head we have a plan for a 100-200 times per year. Mostly in Indonesia.

And Nidji Electronic Version?

Yes, for NEV we have remixed some of our songs so it’s 20 minutes non-stop. Everything’s electronic and it sounds great! But what I’ve realised is that usually when a band plays live, between one song to another there is usually a gap, where I can talk and get the crowd going. But in NEV there are no gaps so I just have to dance! So I have to really think how to keep interaction with our audience. But it’s going great so far.

And finally, who is going to win EPL?

Manchester United!

Kincir Website


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