Artists / Bands, Dance / Electro, Events, Live Reviews — July 2, 2012 at 6:55 pm

Hot Chip in Singapore


Indie music lovers in Singapore are surely tipping their hats off to Untitled Entertainment for bringing such colour to the island’s live music circuit. While we were still reeling from The Jezabels’ sparkling set at HomeClub barely a month ago, they then one-upped themselves by bringing Hot Chip’s sizzling dance party to Avalon last Tuesday.

Sauntering onstage a little after 9pm, the quirky UK outfit wasted no time in shaking up the dancefloor of restless fans, kicking things off with ‘Motion Sickness’ – the bold, brassy first track off their latest release ‘In Our Heads’. Frontman and vocalist Alexis Taylor then led the band in a seamless transition to ‘Boy from School’, a twinkly, bittersweet number familiar with indie-disco enthusiasts. Towards the end of the song, Taylor sighs in his pleading, earnest voice, “we try, but we don’t belong“, succinctly encapsulating the very essence of what makes Hot Chip special – their off-kilter juxtapositions of thoughtful, introspective lyrics set against bright, pulsating dance beats.

Not one to disappoint their fans, Hot Chip performed a varied mix of songs spanning their five-album discography, keeping everyone on their toes with improvisatory transitions between tracks. Truly a rose among the thorns, Sarah Jones deserves a special mention for being responsible for the crowd’s incessant head-bopping, feet-shuffling and heart-fluttering with her seemingly tireless drumming throughout the set. Decked out in a suave suit, Al Doyle was also a champ for dancing along with the audience even though he had apparently broken his toe prior to the concert. Now, that’s hot.

Other highlights of the night include the magical atmosphere during a lull in the middle of their high-energy set, when the band turned down the tempo ever-so-slightly with sweet serenade ‘Look At Where We Are’. Leaving the stage for a brief break before their encore, Hot Chip effortlessly resumed the dance party with crowd favourite ‘Ready for the Floor’. We don’t know about you, but Music Services Asia left the venue with tired limbs, happy smiles, and the refrain “do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it now!” repeating in our heads for the rest of the night – and we wouldn’t have it any other way!