Crush of the Day, Indie / Alternative — February 18, 2013 at 12:59 pm

Crush of the Day: FIDLAR



Los Angeles foursome FIDLAR’s track titles do not stray far from the everyday lexicon of teenage stoners and rowdy high-school dropouts: ‘Cheap Beer’, ‘Stoked and Broke’ and ‘Wake Bake Skate’ are prime examples. Let’s not even get started on what FIDLAR supposedly stands for (in case anyone’s curious, it’s proudly splashed across their official Facebook page). That said, FIDLAR’s brash, unapologetic lo-fi punk frenzy provides the perfect soundtrack for youthful rebellion and although I’m fast approaching quarter-life crisis territory, I’ll shamelessly admit to being smitten. Falling in line with the carefree, modern-day carpe diem attitude demonstrated by hip-hop parallels OFWGKTA and rampant catchphrase #YOLO, FIDLAR’s debut album will transport you to a stuffy Californian basement of flailing limbs and sweaty bodies bouncing off the walls. Take the risk.

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Listen to FIDLAR’s self-titled debut on Deezer here!