Album Reviews, Indie / Alternative — September 24, 2012 at 3:50 pm

Lazy Room – Native Narrative: Painters of Dreams


Artist Name: Lazy Room
Title Name: Native Narrative
Label: Patetico Recordings
Reviewed by: Indran Paramasivam

Total absorption. That is the effect the latest L/P, Native Narrative, from the Jogjakarta foursome, Lazy Room, has on this writer. Many bands have adopted shoegaze stylings to suit their sonic identities and to scratch the itch of invention. This has made it all the more difficult to sift through the genre for works of originality and creative flair. Lazy Room, therefore, is a rare find, a gem in a capacious and dusty chest. 

Like the twinkly guitars characteristic of the shoegaze sound, the atmospheric and dreamlike quality of the sonic environs of each song are also features that many bands have latched on to and worn down to something formulaic. Lazy Room doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel on this score. Rather, they make it spin with an inventiveness that is identifiably engaging and uniquely their own. Native Narrative opens with droning guitars that stylishly segue into a lush, orchestral arrangement as urging drums and bass and lilting notes complete the experience of the first track, “Native”.

Listeners will encounter a different edge to the band’s sound when vocals are introduced from the third track, “Waiting Upon a Pillow”, onwards. Frontman, Ekky Idhamayanto’s plaintive croon gets swept up into the stratosphere by the resilient and surging melodies of each song. In the universe of Lazy Room, yearning finds a counterpoint in regenerative power. This is particularly evident on album closer, “Farwell Dance for Princess Bear” where Ekky’s heartrending narrative is sublimated into a rousing chorus as the entire phase of the track gets driven skyward midway by swirling instrumentation that sucks in the vocal and stretches it into a euphoric call. Renderers of mood, poets of sentiment, painters of dreams are Lazy Room.

Stream and purchase Lazy Room’s Native Narrative on Vibedeck, here