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REVIEW: Cold War Kids – Dear Miss Lonelyhearts


Artist Name: Cold War Kids
Title Name: Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
Label: Downtown Records/Love Da Records (SEA Distribution)
Reviewed by: Jarrod Macartney

“I was supposed to do great things” is certainly a definition of Cold War Kids’ career. This opening line of indie rockers fourth studio album is very fitting for a band that had everything in front of them following their debut release Robbers and Cowards in 2006. In the wake of their impressive debut, the Californian four-piece never seemed to reach the heights with either Loyalty to Loyalty or the heavily criticized Mine Is Yours.

Dear Miss Lonelyhearts comes firing out the gates with Nathan Willett’s rapid piano intro in the album’s opening but also highlight track “Miracle Mile”. The fun flavour of the track proves that it could be blaring out of the speakers of any indie nightclub. The heavily percussed pop tune clearly showed the direction the band wishes to take – Cold War Kids could have easily opted to follow their 2006 recipe of slow piano ballads with detailed storytelling – yet the band did not take the easy way out and instead tried to build a great mid/high-tempo album.

The pianos are replaced with synths: a welcoming addition during “Loner Phase”, while “Fear & Trembling” is a skippable track with its over cluttered finish. After a great start to the album, Dear Miss Lonelyhearts could have very well fallen into a downward spiral though luckily saved by the soulful ballad of “Tuxedos” and the CWK heritage track “Jailbirds”. The latter sounds as though it could be slotted on The Killers’ latest album with Willett’s vocal similarities to that of Brandon Flowers.

With the album clocking in at 36 minutes, it never outstays its welcome. Thankfully Dear Miss Lonelyhearts shows a return to form and has given us a renewed belief in the band. It may have not been a totally ground breaking album, but the cracks within Mine Is Yours have been filled with some indie pop gems.



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Cold War Kids – Miracle Mile