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REVIEW: Delphic – Collections


Delphic cover album

Artist Name: Delphic
Title Name: Collections
Label: Polydor Records/ Love Da Records (SEA Distribution)
Reviewed by: Jarrod Macartney

The difficult second album – some have struggled, others have excelled. So where does Delphic stand on this totem pole? The three English lads came out of nowhere in 2010 and released their debut album, Acolyte, which was filled of climatic alternative dance anthems. Now three years on, the band have produced their follow-up, Collections.

Initially I thought I may have purchased the wrong CD. This is not the Delphic from 2010, but a more maturing Delphic. I must admit that on my first listen, I gave up on this album. I revisited the release a month later with the realisation that to enjoy Delphic’s sophomore album, I need to erase the Delphic I once knew. Collections begins with the impressive and mature opener “Of The Young”, which echoes Muse’s more recent electronic offerings. Moving on to track two, we come across the album highlight and lead single, “Baiya”. The catchy 80’s inspired synth-pop tune will have you singing the chorus “All hell is breaking loose” around the office for days.

After the impressive start to the album, tracks like “Atlas” fell flat. Most of us have collected something at some point of our lives that others could seem to care less about – whether the collection consists of sea shells, postage stamps or even used concert tickets. Well “Tears Before Bedtime” is a collection of ordinary voice mail samples that not many people could care about. Don’t be fooled, Delphic may have given it a track number but it is far from anything resembling a song. It does show innovation, but it just doesn’t add anything to the centre part of the album.

“Memeo” sounds like a very viable second single and could fit in nicely on Delphic’s debut LP. The tune mixes in elements from Kasabian’s earlier material in the form of beats and melody. The astonishing signs of a hip hop influence within “Don’t Let The Dreamers Take You Away” is a refreshing and enjoyable sound within the album. Collections’ final track, “Exotic”, leaves a funny taste in your mouth. The synth-rapping simply does not work, and will not satisfy the hunger of the long-term fans that have been waiting for a climatic closer.

Collections is a bold album, some elements work but some unfortunately, do not. Delphic had a distinct sound with their debut LP, though you cannot blame the band for pushing boundaries. The recent release has some great tracks, but I am afraid that the album as a whole will fade into the abyss of music history.



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Delphic – Baiya

Delphic will be dropping by Jakarta on April 24 for Road to Big Sound. For more details, click here.