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Interview: Little Fox (TH)


For many a decade, tourists and locals alike have explored every inch of natural and unnatural wonders of Thailand – and, who could blame them? The tyre-beaten roads and well-snorkeled waters of the country’s top spots still continue to draw crowds – which, while it is a testament to the country’s ongoing allure, leads many to the sad realization that all of Thailand’s biggest secrets have long since been discovered. All but a few, that is.

Introducing Gene Mahasmut, aka. Little Fox. Born and bred in Thailand, with various stints in the UK as a student, musician, actor and composer, Little Fox has intricately crafted his unique blend of Thai-Folk/Acoustic-Pop through years of playing with sound, exploring the globe and pairing down his creativity to an inimitable streak of quiet genius. Little Fox is arguably one of Thailand’s best-kept secrets, with credits such as acting in, and composing the score for the European art-house film ‘Citizen Dog,’ a string of former band performances…and even a brief stint as a Buddhist monk in the far reaches of Northern Thailand.

Little Fox

Describe your move from playing in bands, to composing music for Citizen Dog, to going solo in ‘Little Fox’. Has it been a smooth transition? It was like floating down a shallow river, with bumpy rocks underneath. Essentially, I have no control over my destination, which can sometimes be fun – and sometimes not!

Do you get similar satisfaction from acting as playing music? Are you able to adequately express yourself across both mediums? It depends on the occasion. Some jobs are more fun than others, and this applies to both music and acting. Some jobs you just have to “do.” I can express myself across all the mediums I work within!

Do you see a difference between the folk scenes of Thailand, as compared to Britain? Which do you prefer? I see the concept of “scenes” as being the same as a current, like that of the ocean. If a trend passes through Britain first, it will pass Thailand shortly after and vice versa. I don’t discriminate between the two scenes – I love all music. I just don’t like when music discriminates against certain people.

Of the many instruments you play, which is your favourite? I’m not a multi instrumentalist by any means, as there are many instruments that I cannot play well! On the other hand though, I like to think that anything that makes a sound can be used as an instrument. Besides this, though, I think that the best instrument is your mood and imagination.

What are the main themes present in your music? Melancholy-happy-funny-sad-beautiful-trippy-peaceful-rock? The theme changes from time to time. Once, I made some sort of grunge-metal-Indian song…I like to keep people guessing. I was thinking Opera-rap could be my next step!

Imagine you had to lose either your voice or your hearing. Which one do you sacrifice, and why? My voice. I can still enjoy listening, and I can make noise in other ways! You can’t sing if you lose your hearing – so, by losing my hearing, I’d be losing both regardless. It’d be hard to be deaf. I might be shouting at someone when I think I’m whispering.

Do you have a favorite gigging experience? Not so much “gigging,” but I like to sing for my cats and my dog.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? On a small farm near the ocean, surrounded by horses and elephants – I love them. I’d ride one to the local 7 Eleven.

Catch Little Fox performing in Singapore and Jakarta for the UpToTheSky Festival, 3, 4, 5 December 2011. For more information, visit

Little Fox Myspace is here:


By Stephanie Winkler