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Interview: Silverbus (TW)


Where much of the South-East Asian indie music scene is dominated by guitar-driven pop riffs, looping vocals and weird amalgamations of indefinable noises, it is refreshing to encounter a band whose sound relies on more than simply blasting listeners off the backs of their chairs. Silverbus, hailing from Taiwan and dabbling in every style from rock and acoustic, to moody, progressive guitar-jams, hits the proverbial nail of slow-burning rock on the head with their latest album Orange, the tracks from which quietly envelop the listener in a series of progressive harmonies and cinematic, mood-affecting beats. Such cohesive artistry is sought after by many and possessed by few, and Silverbus (who performed tracks from Orange at FujiRock Festival 2011 in Japan) shed some light on how it feels to hold the key so something so rare.

How would you describe your sound?
It’s kind of hard to describe it by ourselves, but I think in our first album Orange, we were trying to build up the songs like movie scenes; to make an emotional movement between the tracks. We used a lot of delay and reverb on the guitar-work to achieve that goal – we wanted to keep everything sounding more ‘vintage’ than modern.

Do you think this emphasis on slower, more instrumental performances sets you apart from others in the South-East Asian indie music scene?
We don’t think about it in that way. We’re just trying to express ourselves, both in our instrumental work and through singing songs.

What musical elements do you take from your background and how much of your music is influenced by international bands and projects?
We like to listen to all kinds of music, including many Taiwanese artists and international bands. We think that a song becomes influential when it describes itself well, and has a strong relation to where it belongs. So we’re trying to understand that process of every song, and make it happen in ours.

Who are some of the bands you met at FujiRock Festival, and how did this performing experience compare with some previous gigs?
We met Wilco and Mogwai, who are both huge influences on us… The experience was absolutely great! It felt so good to play in amongst the mountains, and loved watching other performances in the mountains, too. The vibe was amazing – the audience was there for music, and nothing else. Thanks to our record company for getting us there in the first place!

What is one song, written by someone else, that you wish you’d written yourselves?
Across the Universe by The Beatles.

What do you think Silverbus can bring to the SEA Absolute Indie Compilation that others bands cannot?
I think every band can bring something different to the SEA Absolute Indie Compilation that anyone else can’t, I guess we just want everyone to enjoy it!

Listen to Silverbus on the SEA Absolute Indie Compilation album, due for release on iTunes next Tuesday, 18th of October. The teaser is here and the band’s MySpace is here!

By Stephanie Winkler