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Interview: The White Eyes (TW)


Like fashion, musical trends also go in and out of popularity. In the 90’s, it was all about commercial pop, Nirvana and the occasional boy band. The 80’s gave us synthesizers and bad hair. The 70’s however, spawned the birth of punk and gritty, high-charged, low-fi rock – and this is where The White Eyes draw their limitless reams of inspiration. The resurgence in distorted guitar, fierce, looping vocals and short, sharp songs about sex, rebellion, happiness, anger and passion, has been a feat nobly attempted by many bands in the South-East Asian music scene; however, the electricity naturally possessed by The White Eyes is impossible to cultivate, and they will be unleashing their furious, well-crafted artistry on the SEA Absolute Indie Compilation in late 2011.

Your Facebook page describes your genre as “grunge, punk and other dirty, psychedelic musical elements,” among various other things– What is it about your sound that is so identifiable to so many people?
We simply want to express a “dirty” feel, and make some noise!

Are there a lot of different personalities and musical backgrounds in the group?
Gao Xiao Gao is the vocalist and guitarist, and she is our main songwriter. Johnny Fan is our bassist; the two of us are the main band members of the band for the time being. Cent is guitarist now, and our drummer Mei Mei is leaving us for a long trip to Siberia.

Describe your performance at Summer Sonic Festival in Japan. Was this one of the bigger performances of your career?
Yes, this was one of the biggest performances of our career, but we have performed to bigger crowds before. Our performance was okay – but the guitar effects did f**k us up. However, the Japanese audiences were great!

What can people expect from a typical White Eyes gig?
A totally unexpected, crazy performance!

What qualities can you bring to the SEA Absolute Indie Compilation that other bands cannot?
We are the only White Eyes in this world.

What is one song, written by another artist, that you wish you had written yourself?
Escape Velocity by The Chemical Brothers

What are the plans in the near future – where can people see you performing?
We are working on a new EP right now, and it will be released in a low-fi Cassette Tape format only. We think this is playful and the songs will be much different. Please stay tuned for further news.


White Eyes’ MySpace is here.

The band features SEA Absolute Indie compilation, release date: October 18, 2011 worldwide.


By Stephanie Winkler