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Mark Coles: KROM’s “Mama Blue” is classic blues for the modern age


Cambodian blues act KROM are making waves internationally with award winning BBC broadcaster Mark Coles playing their newest single Mama Blue” on his world music show, offering glowing praise of their latest offering.

The group are led by gravelly voiced Christopher Minko deftly plucking the strings of his guitar whilst the classically trained Chamroeun sisters provide hypnotic, trance like, perfectly understated backing vocals for a moody atmospheric musical voyage into the Mekong Delta. The single is the first of the group’s new album, Delta Blues.


KROM performing live (Photo: Mark Desmond Hughes)

KROM performing live (Photo: Mark Desmond Hughes)


Mark Coles has described the new single as “a classic blues song for the modern age… sort of Bob Dylan meets Dr John and Tom Waits in a late night blues bar in Phnom Penh.” KROM have been favourites of the broadcaster for a number of years now, having been selected as one of the Top Albums of the Year in 2012 for their album “Songs from the Noir” whilst listeners voted their second album, Neon Dark, the most popular album of 2013 by those who tune into the show.


The group have received critical acclaim from across the globe for their previous releases with The Bangkok Post memorably describing their sound as “so dark it makes Leonard Cohen seem like a pop singer” whilst The Bangkok Herald have claimed “KROM is a unique band. A truly international group who have created their own genre.”

To hear their latest single Mama Blue, click below

Their release is being released on 10 February 2015 through record label Metal Postcard and is available online here