International Chart, Metal / Hard Rock — June 17, 2015 at 4:35 pm

All-girl J-Pop metal band BABYMETAL release debut album in United States


BABYMETAL is the bizarre fusion of metal and pop delivered by teenagers that could only be thought up in Japan and, after conquering audiences worldwide, they’ve now got their eyes firmly set on the United States.


So who are BABYMETAL? Well if you believe their interviews, BABYMETAL are a trio of teenagers – 17 year old Sumetal, and 15 year olds Yuimetal and Moametal (how fortunate that they all just happen to share the same last name!) bought together by the mythical Fox God to deliver their quirky blend of brutal guitar riffs, bubble gum pop and choreographed dance moves to the masses.


Despite the fact that all the band members are not even old enough to legally drink alcohol they’re selling out arenas around the globe. The clip below shows them playing their newest single “Road of Resistance” at Saitama Super Arena in Japan, to a staggering 20,000 people.


Just days ago they joined hard rock superstars Dragonforce on stage at Download Festival , performing a song that they’d worked on together, ‘Maximum Overload.’




It’s not these lolita rockers’ first introduction to US audiences. They’ve performed before at Rock on the Range and apparently, based on the fact that half the crowd already knew the fox sign, audiences were already prepared for the onslaught of BABYMETAL.


Today, RAL/Sony Music Entertainment have put the album out on CD in the States for the first time. In addition to hits “Ijime, Dame, Zetta!” and “Megistune”, the US edition also features two bonus tracks. One of the new which is “Road of Resistance” and the other is a live version of “Gimme Chicolate!!” recorded at their sell out performance at the O2 Academy.