Album Reviews, Metal / Hard Rock — September 9, 2013 at 9:54 am

REVIEW: Turisas – Turisas2013


Turisas-Turisas2013-300x300Artist Name: Turisas
Title Name: Turisas2013
Label: Century Media
Reviewed by: Fabio Marraccini


Folk metal is not exactly new, and there must be more Finnish folk metal bands in this country than in any other genre of music. Seriously. Their folklore is very strongly rooted into their culture, and music is no different. Turisas is one of these bands trying to secure their place under the heavy metal sun, and they do it with all their might: epic chanting, face painting, battle themes – the whole nine yards. They now reach their fourth studio album, aptly titled Turisas2013. Hell, we must be running out of album titles, given the number of bands that released albums called 13 or something 13 this year… superstition maybe?

This album is quite neutral. Not bad at all, but not brilliant to the point of amassing hordes of new fans. That job has probably been done by one of their earlier releases. Turisas2013 is however very melodic, epic, upbeat and quite enjoyable. “For Your Own Good” opens the opus well and invites you to sing-along and stomp your feet to its chunky riffs and beautiful piano themes. “Ten More Miles” is another self-promotional tune from these folks of folk – pun intended. “Into the Free” might however be the standout here, as it brings up the tempo, spices up the epic melodies, and could – or should – have been the blueprint for the entire album. But it’s not. The rest of the tracks follows through a bit slower, and is a bit less exciting. “The Days Passed” kinda saves the day towards the end, for its interesting guitar lines and catchy combination of tuneful vocals and furious growls. Ah, the cleverly titled “No Good Story Ever Starts With Drinking Tea” might please those that dug Turisas’ past releases… at least a little bit.

To me, this album is like those actors you see on lots of movies but hardly remember their names: competent but not brilliant. A valid effort nevertheless, but if you explore their back catalogue, I’m sure you will find some more interesting gems.